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Announcement: I want everybody to answer the poll question for today

The poll question for today is information for me to what all DMC readers love about my website.  If you can please take time out of your busy lives since you are reading this website anyway at the moment, read the poll question and check off an answer. If you want to have all of the above, then please check off all of the above.

You can comment on this post if you’d like to let me know if this was a good idea.  I need to know because I have many interesting ideas and I love to write many things and take pictures as well.  I know I will get focused on one topic and I want to please my DMC readers by giving DMC readers what they want to see or read.  I know 1 of the things a DMC reader who always has seen this site since it began is more of Chloe pictures.  Though, there is more to me and more to this site than just Chloe.  I will put up more pictures of Chloe, but I have lot’s of different ideas for posts as well.  I can’t just put pictures of Chloe up.

Anyway, I hope this is informative and I get positive feedback.


A friend’s expressive views on Television and Movies on his new Blog

My friend David Morris has started a Blog about his critiques on Television and Movies. He writes a lot of good fiction as well as some poetry in the past. His latest postings are on Television shows he has watched, giving his point of views on them.

Please read and comment if you wish from this man I know from the Adaptations program who can’t seem to make it big with his great writing.

posting more soon enough,


Here is to a song for President Obama and the Glorious Healthcare Reform he passed in Congress

This song represents a song about how we should all believe. If only we can help those who are struggling with Fear and those who have become bullies. Fear is deadly to the soul, we should never fear not even the unknown. People should embrace what they receive even the beauty of Autism. People who have become bullies in their life need to embrace all that life has to offer in order to discover the truest love their soul can endure. Sometimes people need to sacrifice something in their life when their needs to be a change. Thankfully there will be Healthcare Reform in the United State of America. Now we can all move forward…

Listen to this song by Blessed Union of Souls and as you hear the words all of you should think about what you can do in your life with positive feelings of love.