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October is Positivity Month!

Think of letting go of the anger inside of you and watch it disappear.

Remind yourself every day this month to stop the pain, the jealousy, the anger!

Write down all your negative feelings on a big sheet of paper, rip up, and throw it away.  Think nothing more of it.

Time to live your life to the fullest as you can make it.


by J.S.R

Forever in the midst of the sky,
a bird flies so high
to get to the edge between
the heavens and earth.
This bird flies millions of miles
away to find out a discovery
within itself.
Mighty the bird may be,
captivating the inner strength
and wellness of its health,
the bird flies back down to earth
to not only see a generation of people,
but to see his family.
In the midst of the fog over the people,
he sees the generation of people
swimming with emotional energy.
Lovers loving,
people feeling jealousy,
people feeling angry,
people feeling hatred,
and people suffering.
Emotion is earth shattering.
It gets in to our bodies and
we can’t let go.
Forever we feel emotion,
Forever we feel sustained
in using them.
Together as a team we come together
to look at each other without
emotion and be happy for who
we are.

Who are we someone asks?

We are the people who are
born here who are supposed
to work hard to fulfill goals we

What goals do we make someone asks?

The goals we made when we were
very little to be able to achieve them.

The feeling I get inside is dark and
twisted sometimes, the feeling I get
inside has a light burning in to the darkness
for a turning point.
A turning point in our life challenges us
or sometimes just inspires us to do more.

(Now go to the mirror and repeat something to say yourself which will inspire you. This is the purpose of Positivity Month.)

posting again soon,


Today is Positivity Day

Today is Positivity Day and the day every one ends their negative thinking. Yesterday is gone. Yesterday people were worried and concerned of their own life hurt. Today these same people will expand themselves and open their minds to possibilities they didn’t realize was inside of them. Their possibilities are endless and their vision will be clear.

History tends to show the angry tyrant negative behaviors and words surrounding us wherever we go. Human behavior is a part of this emotional tirade. We need to control those emotions to be able to inhibit them when we can. When any emotion controls you, you become enraged by that emotion whether fear, anger, love, happy, sad,… We need to gather our emotions and use them as a tool to know when to bring it on and when to leave it alone.

Our emotional barrier erupts in to a twisted negative downward spiral without control of any of it. Positive energy can help control the emotions. A feeling we can get from a positive energy is every thing will be good. Nothing will happen badly and life only gets better. We feel positive inside when we have control over ourselves. Think about a time when you got really angry about somebody who hurt you and you couldn’t control yourself. Take that anger and leave it behind. Step away from the path which could lead to greater darker things.

Send a message of belief in your goodness of your heart and remember that no body is going to hurt you. Every body is going to live their life doing what good passion they have inside of them. Many people don’t realize this because they have greed, anger, and jealousy written in to themselves already. Let go of those feelings and life will be good. Some people may just think their life is not going the way they anticipated, but every thing happens for a reason. We just need to be patient and let things come its way.


posting again soon,


Thinking of Something good to do: Positivity Day is Tomorrow!

My mind has been rekindling the moment of what I should be doing and what I am doing. I know what I like, I know what I am capable of, so why don’t I just go out and do it. I meet many people lately and observe the fact other people are afraid to do what their passion is. To have a passion to do something is more important than anything in the world. It gives rewards in the end. It is why the Advances in Vascular Imaging and Diagnosis conference came about. It is also why Barack Obama became president of the USA. Or even why Ari Ne’eman discovered his passion to help the Autistic community and people with disabilities to begin a Civil Rights movement.

Every body must know their passion. Once you can accept who you are and love your existing self (not too much) than you will realize your potential. There are many people out in cities and towns around where you live searching for their passion after discovering the economy is hard these days. They are filtering out the money hungry fields and going in to careers which land them great rewards, but only years later. Sometimes it is good to take one step back and move slowly. This way you win your battle.

I want to do something good. I really have the energy, but this summer has been one strange trip down the universe. My grandma was going through tough times in a local hospital and in the end died. Her body just depreciated and became extremely weak because of a simple mistake the local hospital made from the beginning. Anyway, she is no longer suffering. Many people say she is in a better place. The whole experience makes me think of something good to do in the world.

For the matter, POSITIVITY DAY IS tomorrow every where in the world! It begins in New York City and if you don’t know where to go, just be at home promoting positive energy.

I know I have to get going now and get my day started.


Proper ways of Adult Behavior

There are many things needed to be done in order to behave like an Adult. There are a few different behaviors to look out for to be a true Adult. The top 3 behaviors is taking responsibility for yourself and being responsible; paying attention; and finally, knowing how to control the emotions. An individual must be treated like an Adult and learn take it. When an individual acts like an Adult, they have observed proper ways to behave, and put their behavior to action.

Responsibility is very important for any person to be an Adult. There are many things to be responsible for including yourself, your job, and your family. The important factor is not knowing when to behave properly, but knowing the behavior in order to behave properly all the time. Knowing when to goof off, be serious, help out, etc.

My feeling is it is easier to act like a little kid than an Adult, but in order to be treated with dignity and honor, we must not act like a little kid. Acting like a child is not taking responsibility and letting someone else take the heat. Eventually we all have to take the heat and stand on our own 2 feet. By standing on our own 2 feet, we learn from our mistakes.

I have made many mistakes in my past some I have learned from, but many I have not learned from yet. Here is a list of behavioral techniques for all of us to be an Adult all the time:

1) Take it like a man or woman that you are (a man stands tall, a woman stands tall, they both are different, but the same)
2) Be Honest!
3) Be grateful for what you have!
4) Be Trustworthy and never go around talking about other people! Talk about other things like interests you may have…(I know it may be easier to talk about other people, but in the end you will get hurt for it)
5) Work hard to pay your bills!
6) Move Forward just like Light Year Man!! (story I am writing)
7) Start a family and keep it going!
8) Spend your money wisely on important stuff!
9) Control your emotions including sexuality!
10) Be Secure!
Finally number 11) Just be YOURSELF!

If you follow this list you will be an Adult forever!!!

Evaluate your life and think about if you are an Adult or a child.

Remember we are all learning at different paces and some of us may need more time to get there than others. I know I am learning slower, and soon I will be there.

do you sometimes feel like this?

Stay Strong, Be humble, and remember I will be posting again soon,


Finding Truth to this called ‘Life’

Life is an amazing journey of self exploration in to the soul. As many of you may see today, there is a poll question about life. Please answer the poll question. Symbolizing our lives can be hard and difficult process to handle. Some people may feel their life is worthless, but deep down inside there is meaning to life. For instance take a look at this picture:

The picture symbolizes the question we all need to answer. We make decisions in our life when we reach a fork in the road every day. Every day there are decisions to make and each decision we make affects us. Whether its a consequence or a reward, in the end, we make these decisions. At the end of our life, we reflect on the good and bad decisions we made. When we make a decision, we must first analyze it completely without feeling emotions. It can be very hard, but we need to do what is best for our individual self. At the end of our life, we capture each moment in our head to evaluate how we did. Just like a test in school, we want to make sure we can correct any errors we made.

A long journey of 100 years can be difficult at times and we are put on the spot just like in school. Come on, you have 20 minutes to take the test and fill in the answers as fast as you can. By the end of the test, you hand in your paper to see what grade you get. If you get an A, you are excited and filled with happiness. If you fail the exam, your head creeps down and you are told to try again. You either decide to give up or try again, but most people try again.

The test of life is the same thing as a test in school. We are tested to show if we learned the lessons of life. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of 100 years while other times it takes a much shorter time. We need to accept many things in our life. One thing we need to accept in our life is when we know someone has died. Death is just the end of the journey on Earth because the person who died lived the tests given to them. They are ready to be graded. If they grade well like in school, you are honored, but if you fail for whatever reason you have to try it again.

We also need to accept every body needs to learn lessons in life. There are people in the world who strive to cure Autism. This is a very hot topic where many people debate about curing Autism. If you look at the logic of Autism or even Asperger Syndrome, Neurotypicals need to help guide us sometimes. Sometimes we need to try it on our own to learn certain lessons, but other times we need guidance. It is very important to for us to learn early so life gets easier rather than learning later and struggling. In the end only one person takes the tests and the grade we each get stays with us forever.

Every one may have different lessons to learn, different tests to take, and different forms of success on Earth; but when the time comes to be graded, we win. It is time to get up and be amazing. Don’t be emotional, don’t get angry, just be happy. It is a journey of thousands of days on Earth, so make them meaningful.

Each day we see new babies being born and we also see older people who have lived long lives die peacefully. There are many tasks to be done, lessons to be learned, and tests to be taken…  I am determined to grade well and live my life the to the fullest to learn the lessons.

Take it easy and I’ll be posting again soon…