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Inspiration is Always Lying Inside of Our Own Humanity

thinking outside the box

Everyone picks up on the term Inspiration as way that others’ inspire us or give us faith from an unknown source. Inspiration is not real, but spirituality and higher beings are. People need to interpret spirituality, god, and higher beings differently. Inspiration does not come from these sources, it just comes from our own Humanity in our own mind. I really do not like it when the mainstream media show videos and pictures of people who they think are an inspiration to us all. Inspiration comes within all of us and no body can get inspiration from others. It’s important to come to this realization. If you can live your life with all your emotions, expressing these emotions at any time, any person will become more real. It’s okay to express anger, it’s okay to express sadness, and it’s okay to express other emotions you feel to use your imagination to create a constructive piece of work.

People should be able to use the media to express their emotions they feel in a constructive manner like painting, writing, photography, or making a wonderful movie or play. Some of the most greatest productive inventions and creations were done when people felt emotions other than feeling happy. Just take a look at Charlie Chaplin or Vincent Van Gogh or Issac Newton! Happiness comes when these other emotions have been released in a constructive manner. For example, look at Leonardo Da’Vinci’s work, John Nash’s work on economics, Mozart, Beethoven, even more modern work done by famous Media actors, writers, and directors. Happiness does not come from feeling inspired to do something and being happy all the time. Happiness comes from thinking outside the box and using all our emotions in the most constructive manner that the world will be able to relate to and enjoy. It’s probably why Steve Jobs created an invention in the iPhone and iPad for the world to enjoy putting Apple on the map. When any one and any place is at their lowest feeling emotions is when we create our best works!

CREATE, INVENT, OR PERFORM!! Most Importantly, do your best work with the Ultimate satisfaction you will get in the end: HAPPINESS!!! It takes hard work to create a constructive piece of art, a great piece of writing, invent a extraordinary device for the world to enjoy, or even perform in a great movie, television show, or Broadway play!!! It even takes a lot of hard work to be the best meteorologist for the world or scientist. Whatever your passion is and whatever you desire the most, Think Outside the Box, and don’t be afraid to use your emotions to create a constructive piece of work!!! Happiness is not about having material money to spend, it comes from hard work doing these things. Then, suddenly, your rewards will reap and you get to enjoy it ­čÖé

Not everyone can do everything which is why we all have our unique traits!

Be Real, Be HUMBLE, Be Open, Work Hard!!!


A Look at Some things that Make Us Human!

I am creating this list of different things that make us Human. Some of these things are similar, some of these things are different, and some of things may not be on the list. Please contact me on my contact form above if you want something added to the list! Eventually this list will be a very colorful portrayal of what makes up the Diversity of Humanity!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 6.40.36 AM

Have an AWESOME weekend with your family, friends, animals, and/or other interests celebrating DIVERSITY, BIODIVERSITY!!!

Don’t forget either:



Neurodiversity: Sexuality and Identifying Oneself

Disclaimer: A discussion post on sex and sexuality

It’s important to identify ourselves. By identifying ourselves the way we know best, there are many ways we can identify ourselves in this world. Some of these different ways we identify ourselves are similar to other people, but in many ways for so many people it’s a completely different way these days. For example, many people identify themselves as male or female, however these are not the only gender roles someone can identify themselves with. Facebook recently added many of the gender roles to their list other than male or female. There are also many different ways many people want to connect to another Human being as well. It’s not just boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating and Relationships is a powerful example of connecting with someone else, but not everyone wants a sexual relationship. However, being sexual is a big part of Dating and Relationships.

Although, I do know most people in this world do want a sexual relationship because sex is important to many people. The beginnings of connecting sexually is touching another Human being in ways that is more than just talking. It’s holding a person, caressing a person, and creating a sense of deep pressure that fills up the souls of the Human beings connecting sexually. I have met many people where sex was not an important factor in their life, but they accept people who do find it important. So, why can’t society accept these people who don’t want sex?

Sex is important because it stimulates the brain for many people around creating a better positive experience for life for so many who feel lonely. This positive experience in life helps many people discover more creative, intellectual, and inventive new ideas. However, I am not saying without sex, people can’t be creative, intellectual, or inventive, I am just saying it allows the mind to be relaxed more to think of these expressions. Sex is not for everyone and there are many people who say they don’t need sex to live their life, but sex is still an expression for a lot of people including flirting.

Sex is a three letter word which the media has expressed in many ways showing many different ways sex can be done. It’s important to find the right partner for your needs if you desire those needs. I stress though that sex is done between 2 consenting adults who have the same desires and the same agenda for connecting with each other. If these circumstances are not met, sex should not be performed, if it is not met, then one or both parties violated each other’s feelings and bodies.

Many people enjoy having sex each and every day of the year. Although two Adults connecting in a consenting, sexual way, need to do so in the privacy of one of their homes or if they are married in their home. A part from sex, is kissing. For most, touching is part of the process of deep connection by gazing at each other and feeling each other’s skin.

Many people identify themselves differently and everyone has a different person they want to connect with sexually and desire to finding a partner to live their life with. Although, finding a partner to live your life with is not always absolute. Many times people find a partner, then decide to break up, finding a different partner. My advice to those people trying to find the love of their life, don’t be too picky, choose based on your instincts, decide what you want, and don’t be influenced from others. Finding a partner can be tricky for most, including myself, but it’s important to know what you want.

Finding a sexual partner can be hard for so many people because many people are lonely. It’s important to representing yourself correctly as well as being accepted from society with that representation. Society and the media don’t acknowledge all roles and ways to identify oneself. For example, the media and Autism Speaks, create a sense of fear for autism, where the Autistic person usually feels pitied because they are not accepted. Hence, society separates the part of them that is autistic from the rest of them that makes them a person. There are many ways every one identifies themselves with, and being Autistic is just one of the ways for many people these days as people accept themselves. Let’s Love, not Fear!!! Everyone can live and identify themselves with everything they know they are.

For example, will I find a woman for myself? Well, that’s all up to whether or not I find an emotional attachment in a woman that I feel connected to and feel like I want to do that. Though, it’s never been a major priority for myself and isn’t right now. I just have friends I like to talk to and finding a connection that does not matter who they are. Though, someday I will be with a woman I want to be with!


Presuming Competence in an Inclusive Society and Knowing Who We Are

Being in this world, we gain, we lose, we hurt, we pain, we forgive, we heal, we remember, we move forward!

Life is big! Life is a very grand, fearless adventure filled with much fear, anxiety, stress, and emotions keeping all of us feeling for situations, people around us, and others in our environment.

Having Awareness of who you are and the people around you is so important without having self-blame, pity, and not liking who we are.

Take a look at what I created here as the different things which identify all of us:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.45.05 PM

Now take a look at this sign I created which shows how we ALL can succeed in this world:

pathways to success

Being who we are is what gives us the experience of a lifetime to live our life filled with the emotions necessary to feel for everyone in this world in the way, we only know how to do it. Every one is different, but we all experience the same emotions. However, we all also want similar things in life too, one of those things is success. Being successful is different for everyone. Every person needs and wants different things. The most important thing we all want to feel is appreciation, respect, supportive network, independence, comfort from everyone around us, ultimately reaching for a goal to live in our special way finally being rewarded with material money to spend. (Thus, we live, from a post I wrote in 2011,  Interdependently!)

Nothing is impossible for something you want to do to make a difference, we just have to spend our time being are own individuals with our individuality remembering every one matters and everybody is possible!!

Remember what eugenics stands for and why it continuously hurts so many people, still, these days! Here is a good video to watch about that, Grading People!

Check out this latest blog post from Renee Salas for the PosAutive Flash Blog today by Love, Not Fear from Boycott Autism Speaks!



Patronus Charm from Harry Potter to Help fill Love for the world

Autistic people from all over need to repeat these words using their wands: EXPECTO PATRONUM, to fill the love in the world and push all the negative influence, including from Autism Speaks, away from us!!! The time is now to reach out and allow everyone to live their life with love, self-acceptance, acceptance from others, and awareness that those who don’t realize it yet matter too working hard for themselves!!! If only Expecto Patronum really did work and not just from Harry Potter. I feel like so many people try to suck out the life of a lot of us. Expecto Patronum blocks out all the Dementors (from Harry Potter) who empty out life with feelings of hopeless feelings, replacing it with everything we hope for and love!!!

expecto-patronum to Autism Speaks Org

and then, RELAX, sleep comfortably, and know you made a positive difference for the world. The Patronus Charm is a way of giving wizards from JK Rowling’s books a sense of hope, love, and feeling good. It also is a metaphor to life itself that no one has the right to push any negative feelings others have in their mind onto others. That everyone can live their life with their own choices and their own pride in what makes them a Human being. No one has the right to suck out the humanity from anyone because everyone has the right to live until it’s their time to cross over. Once it’s their time to leave to cross over to the other side, they know their mission was complete. Humanity is an adventure, but it’s your own personal adventure with your personal mission to accomplish many great positive achievements. Always Believe in yourself, know that you MATTER, no one can take your life away, and know you are to make a positive difference too. We ARE one and we are ALL for LOVE!!!


Something Wicked This Way Approaches Us many times, but we need to come together as ONE blocking what we can that hurts all of us!!!

From the song, When you wish upon a star, written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney’s 1940 adaptation of Pinocchio,

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

which all of us can only wish upon a star that any one of us including people in the Disability community were treated with love, acceptance, understanding, respect, and without others hurting each other leaving the negative ones to be by themselves without any influence. Everyone MATTERS!!!