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Gregarious Revolution Episode 5

Regina and Light Year Man are swimming through a tunnel with lights flashing before their eyes. Light Year Man who is smiling the whole time while looking at Regina, but Regina is frightened from worry about where she’ll end up.

Suddenly the tunnel ends sliding Light Year Man and Regina to a series of Tombstones. In front of the cemetery reads a sign called ‘Tree of Life Cemetery, A United Cemetery of Romania’. Light Year Man takes Regina through the rusted old gates. They walk through the cemetery as they pass tombstones which have been around for 500 years or longer. They pass a tombstone by the name of Schlomo of The Hills of Transylvania lived from 54 to 130 A.D. (C.E.). It was a small tombstone which was basically had an old stone with a drawing carved in the stone who looked like Light Year Man himself. Light Year Man glances at the tombstone for a while and pays his respect with a stone.

Light Year begins telling Regina who is watching in fear, “His name was Schlomo of the Hills of Translyvania. He and I were very good friends on Earth when I was alive here.” then he says “I promised him I would come back to his stone, so here I am.”

Regina asks “Where is he? Why isn’t he with you?”

Light Year Man says “He is. He always following me every where. It’s who you call Flash Forward.”

Regina says “Wow! I can’t believe this. How did he die on Earth? How did he go to your planet?”

Light Year Man says “Well to answer the question you want me to answer, I must tell you very slowly in 2 parts.” and then he slowly answers “He died in battle. We were fighting demons on Earth. Not in the sense of what you think demons are, but Demons in the sense of human beings who became very scared and angry. They hated the world, they hated everything, they destroyed everything they could find.”

Regina is now beginning to realize what the mission could possibly be. Light Year Man begins crying as they walk over a few tombstones down to where his mother lays. Her name was Moricia of the hills of Guanafetchy, mother of Guasefiny and Jacob. Regina is about to ask which name he was, and Light Year man starts crying saying, “Jacob.”

Regina asks “Where is your tombstone?”

Light Year Man says “The hated had burned me in home filled with straw. My tombstone will not be there except for a statue of my favorite animal, the phoenix, over there.” He points his finger to phoenix statue which fell over on the ground where it should be standing tall. Light Year Man felt sad for the very first time since Regina saw him. Otherwise he always has a smile on his face.

There is a man on Earth who is starting the war once again from all his fear and anger. He never had good life and hates the world about it. He is very similar to the man who I was fighting thousands of years back. Before the two of them leave the cemetery to head back to Flash Forward and start the journey toward finishing off the mission, the Light Year Man pushes Regina down a pit which he follows down with her. The pit becomes a tunnel of light. Light Year Man is flying or swimming through the tunnel with glee and Regina is scared at first.

At the end of the tunnel, Regina and Light Year Man suddenly appear as light over forest where Flash Forward is waiting for them.

Flash Forward stands up and runs up to his friend saying “So..”

Light Year Man says “I think she understands.”

Flash Forward whispers “Does she understand if she helps us, she has to come back with us?”

Light Year Man “No, Not yet.”

Flash Forward “OK, you’re in charge.”

Light Year Man, Regina, and Flash Forward follow down a path to the train station. They each buy a ticket one way to a land of historical figures by the coast. They wait for the train with just a few things in their hands and leave the only area Regina has ever known. Regina begins to start crying in her seat next to Light Year Man.

Light Year Man tells Regina very slowly “Stop crying Regina and toughen yourself up…the Life you created is something your father wanted, but he is too sick right now. You will be doing your service with us. Once it is all done, you will see…”

(as this part ends, the glorious story unravels. Be sure to look forward to the rest of the story parts coming soon.)

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Gregarious Revolution Episode 4

(check out the Fiction section of this site to read the previous parts to this story before you reading this section)

Light Year Man found a jar opened in front of his feet not knowing where it had come from.  He picks up the jar and starts to turn the wooden stopper on the jar.  Flash Forward is standing next to him when Light Year Man opens the jar noticing a dirty powder in the jar with an object seen on the bottom of the jar.  Light Year Man puts his hand in the jar, but notices it is too tight for his hand. Instead he turns the jar upside down dumping the powder out.  The object falls to the ground when the two of them see it as a key.

Light Year Man turns to Flash Forward while Regina is looking on, staring at the key for a few minutes.  Light Year Man felt this key can be a very important use.   He didn’t say anything and put the key in his upper chest pocket from the clothing Regina gave him.

It is time to start on the quest vision which Light Year Man has been sent here on this planet for. Regina has taken her father’s place as the prime Earth guardian to help Light Year Man. Flash Forward is the sidekick coming a long for the ride.

They set out their journey by walking to the livestock in the woods where Regina’s father has discovered and brought up a few unicorns he has found. The livestock in the woods takes about two days to walk to in a cave under the waterfalls of a National Park. Light Year Man is wondering how his creatures are doing after all these years. In the meantime, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Regina packed up and headed out.

A long the way to the cave, Flash Forward walks past Light Year Man and Regina who are talking about her father back when she was only 5 years old. He was telling stories of how her father and Light Year Man me and her father knew how to say his real name.

Light Year Man continues telling Regina, “See Regina, your father is not the person you thought he was all these years. He was a unique individual who even remembered being up in the stars in heaven.” he further states “I met him because I accidentally slipped on a crack on my planet and fell through a wormhole. When I met your father, he thought I was a fallen star from space. As soon as he saw me, he yelled out, ‘Maria, my little Regina, come to see this, I need help,’ but no one heard him. He then approached me, stared in to my eyes, and said ‘boo’. I didn’t know what that meant, but I said my name which for some reason he completely knew how to say.”

Regina asks “How do you pronounce your name?”

Light Year Man answers “I am afraid you don’t have the powers to say my name unless you hear it in space.”

Regina says “but my dad never told me about his encounters with you and he seemed ordinary.”

Light Year Man says “Your dad is not ordinary. Soon he will die and be a part of our mission on Earth. He will help me and Earth should live a different way of life after our mission is complete. You are just a temporary figure to help me until your father dies here to help me.”

Regina begins cry saying “No, my dad can’t die, I need him. How dare you say that to me?”

Light Year Man says “I am sorry, but is for the greater good of the universe for him to go and help me when he is ready to die here.”

Regina runs off to the nearest oak tree to cry. Light Year Man stands still with his arms bent to his side and the clothing Regina gave him falling off as his original space suit fills up with pride on his body.

Light Year Man slowly and steadily says to Regina “My dearest Regina, I speak to you in your language because your dad taught me languages here. The place you are living in is falling a part. No body here can do anything to help it. I am here to help all of you on Earth. Stop crying and move forward towards me. Lean in to my body and wrap your arms around me as I show you something you have never seen before…”

Regina listens to Light Year Man and wraps her arms around him. She begins to see a light inside of her shining so bright. Flash Forward turns around in the distance looks at them and smiles. Light Year Man begins to fade with her as they disappear. Flash Forward sits on the path to the creatures in the cave waiting for their return.

(Where did Regina and Light Year Man go? What are they doing? The story continues soon so wait and see what happens next.)

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Gregarious Revolution Episode 3

(Continuing the story once again which just keeps on getting more interesting…)

The ride back to the farm where Regina lives was very quiet. Light Year Man and Flash Forward were staring out in to space thinking about the time they first met Regina and her father. They didn’t understand how Regina could not remember them at first, but she was just a child. Light Year Man as Regina calls him just wants to get through his mission. Flash Forward had followed his friend along the way to help him out as friends who care always do.

When they get back to the farmhouse, something odd happened when they were gone. The barn burnt down to the ground and is no more. Regina runs out running towards the burnt down barn which had been around for 50 plus years. She begins to cry when she reaches the barn. Her animals wandered away in to the forest and she lost most of her crops.

Light Year Man and Flash Forward walk slowly to the forest when Regina wipes her tears asking them “Where are you going?”

Light Year Man answers “We are just resting by this tree at the edge of the forest.”

Regina asks one more thing “Why are you here?”

Light year Man says “Why do you think?”

Regina says “Well I really don’t remember what happened years ago, I was only 5 years old.”

Light Year Man says “Follow me and you should remember now.”

Light Year Man and Flash Forward begin walking in to the forest while Regina follows them. The sun is beaming now on their heads and it is very hot. Regina is sweating about to pass out when Light Year Man stops suddenly. The clouds begin to move in closer as the sun disappears. A hole in the ground with silvery light appears suddenly in front of them. Light Year Man says to Regina “This is our wormhole.” Regina does not quite understand, but in front of her is a dark hidden cave with Ivy vines all around it. Instead of entering the wormhole, the 3 of them enter in to the cave.

As the 3 of them enter in to the cave, Light Year Man talks to Flash Forward first. Flash Forward leaves the cave while Regina and Light Year Man walk through the darkness. It is very dark, but Light Year Man starts a bit of a fire in front of himself. They walk around the fire only to find a torch to light from the fire. After the torch is lit, they enter in to the rest of the cave.

They pass by through the cave which suddenly gets smaller to the point they have to bend their heads. They see drawings on the wall of many different artifacts from 10 years back. Finally the enter in to a wide open tall room that looks to be a huge temple, but instead is just a place to think. The wormhole suddenly appears again, but they both ignore it. Instead Light Year Man begins talking to Regina.

He says “Do you remember now?”

Regina says “I remember my father taking me to a dark place and I felt very scared.”

Light Year Man says “Well, I want you to remember something important from this room. Look ahead of you.”

Regina says “I see something ahead of me, but can’t really identify it. It is very bright.”

“That my friend is a gold crown which many people would call god’s crown, but I call it my master’s crown he left here nearly 10,000 years ago.” says Light Year Man

“I recall you showed some things to my father now.” says Regina

“Yes I did, and the mission I am here for is to prove to you why you were chosen to help me.” says Light Year Man, “But, do you know why you were chosen to help me?”

“No I don’t.” answers Regina

“Would you like to know?” asks Light Year Man

“I am not sure, but yes.” says Regina

“What you are about to here is shocking, but the truth. Your father made an oath to me years ago when you were a little girl right here. He had told me he would help me when the time came and the time is now. I trained him in this cave to fight and speak from a hero’s heart. I taught him many fighting arts no body which can fight the evil messing with the world right now. I gave him a name from my planet calling him …(shocker it was too loud and scratchy to hear, though it sounds like Man of Kong Fu). He marched through the cave trying to fight like I do. Although he was a very sick man like you already know. You had were always with him and made an oath too back then without realizing it. Look on the back of your arm now.”

Regina looks on the back of her arm which she always believed was a birthmark, but instead looks like a symbol on Light Year Man’s hand as well burnt in to his skin as well. Regina asks, “What is this?”

Light Year Man says “this is the oath you made.”

Regina stares at the crown of the King with teary eyes knowing every thing she has ever known is going to change now….

Light Year Man says “My mission here is …”

(as Part VI ends, you will have to wait to know what the mission is all about. Think to yourself, about the changes going on in your life and about the changes going on in the character in this story) Do you like the story so far? What could happen next? Could it be any better? It is a story in the making…

Follow your heart to the dreams which wrought in your life. Coincidences happen for a reason…

posting soon enough,


Gregarious Revolution Episode 2

(The continuation of the story you all will be talking and thinking about)

Regina enters the hospital with her two new friends from a long distance away.  Light Year Man and Flash Forward, the names Regina gave to her two new friends, are walking up to the front desk of the hospital with Regina as she gets 3 passes in to the hospital. The 3 of them walk to the elevator as Light Year Man notices a flower pot by the elevator sparkling with great pride.  He stares at the flower for a minute until the elevator comes by.  Then, the 3 of them walk in to the elevator with seems to have a failing light and moving very slowly.  They reach the 10th floor of the hospital and walk not even half way down the hallway to see the only room on the floor closed.  Regina whispers to the two friends, “He’s in there.” She walks up to the door, turns the knob, as all 3 of them walk in to the room.

Her father seemed very drained and worn out.  His eyes were closed, but his chest was rising with forceful breaths.  As Regina comes forward to give her father a kiss on the forehead, her father opens his eyes to his amazement, he sees Light Year Man and Flash Forward.

Regina introduces her father “Okay, pay attention, this is my father, Malcolm.”

Malcolm sits his body up straight in bed with eyes glaring at Light Year Man especially when he says, “The pleasure is mine to meet you both.”

Regina begins telling his father what had happened, “Dad, these two are not random people. I believe they are who you used to talk about when I was a little girl.”

Her father sits up further with glaring eyes saying “No hon’, I believe you met them before when you were around 5 years old.”

“Why are they here today, Dad?” asks Regina

“I don’t know, let’s ask them.” says her father, then her dad asks Light Year Man directly with glaring eyes “Why are you back?”

Light Year Man gracefully reports “You don’t remember what had happened 15 years ago.”

The father taken aback says “I remember meeting you, yes, but I don’t remember exactly what had happened.”

Light Year Man says “We had a meeting. We were talking in the woods and your daughter was playing with some dolls/toys running around.  We spoke about a day when it was necessary for me to come back. It is necessary and my friend followed me this time.  Our names are not Light Year Man and Flash Forward, those are just names your daughter gave to us because she said she couldn’t pronounce our names. I believe you know my true name and my friend will tell you his true name if you care to know.” Then, Light Year Man says “We spoke for a few hours and you even showed us some sporting games you knew about.  The meeting concluded by informing you we will be back when the time comes. The time is now…we had a foreseen a crisis and it has happened…”

The father says “Yes, I do remember Light Year Man. Your name was very long and loud.  I believe I nicknamed you, G.  What is your name Flash Forward?

Flash Forward says “Just refer me as Friend of G or you can use your daughter’s name for me.”

“Ok” Malcolm and Regina say together

Malcolm begins to cry saying to them “I can not seem to help you with your task because I am dying. I was diagnosed with —sobs— pancreatic cancer.  I don’t have much time left.”

Light Year Man says “We know Malcolm.  That is why I did not come to you.  Your daughter insisted on having us meet with you anyway. We have to get going now because there is lot’s to do in so little time…”

Malcolm says “Good Luck my old friend!”

Light Year Man says “Stay strong Malcolm and we will be sure to keep you informed… You need to rest.”

Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Regina walk out of the room. Regina stands outside the room crying and one of the nurses comes over to her for comfort.  She tells the nurse, “No, I will be alright.”

Light Year Man and Flash Forward lead the way as Regina walks behind them. Before she gets in to the elevator, she looks out the window at the bright sun in her eyes wondering…

They all walk in to the elevator as the door slowly closes its door Regina gazes at the sun till she has a few minutes of in the closed elevator with her 2 new friends…

(story coming back soon, just hold your horses and be patient)