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Aspergia Greets… Episode 16

The flight over to the swampy area of the the Aspergian land to get to the meteor crater is very treacherous and worriesome at the same time.  Natalia is on one dragon and Steel on the other dragon and they are both brushing through the winds from the clouds with eye gapping stern looks in their faces like they want to see their old friends once more.

The dragons are breathing fire all at once all through the path.  They are traveling as North of they can travel till the swampy lands of the meteor area.

In the midst of the fog that just revealed, the first site of everyone else pumped up to find out if they can grab hold of that meteor site.   An air boat flys beside them and an army of at least 30 men and women are traveling in the same direction. Below  nothing can be seen until a few seconds later the fog disappears because its mid-day.  You can see at least in all directions swarms of people coming to one point in the land of aspergian swamp.

People from all over that look like ants as they look down below.  The airboat and the two dragons are parallel to eachother not recognizing each other until the airboat loses control and falls down from the sky to whatever is at the bottom.  When one of the dragons with Natalia on board notices that the airboat had seemed to sink down to land level, Natalia yells out “let’s go down too. We are probably close by.”  She was right because a force field surrounds the meteor site in the swamp that no body can get through the area even if they wanted to.

The land is so muddy and disgusting with all sorts of creepy animals like bats and crocodiles that it is very dangerous to even  go down there, but that is what Natalia and Steel want to do.  Its going to be a treacherous one down there since the land has never been used before.  Aspergia uses that land as a reserve point to never be used only for its animals.

The dragons are steadily going faster and faster down to the swamp.  When they reach aspergian atomsphere the dragons breathe fire so hard and so painfully that they burn a few trees down to the core and F and K fall in to the swampy algae like water feeling sick to their stomachs because the fire put them out.

It was an entrance into the swamp to remember.  The people from the airboat were sailing on the water from the swamp.  They pull in F and K on to their boat to help them out or so they thought.  Natalia and Steel are hanging from two other trees about to fall into the water.

Natalia is cut up on her face and Steel has a problem because is leg is broken.   They eventually fall in to the water being picked up by the boat the F and K are now on.

On the boat stands two men one short man with a ciger in his mouth and a pot belly talking in spanish while the other man with a mustache  like rollie fingers spitting into a cup talking to the other man in spanish.   F, K, Natalia, and Steel are finding out that reached a dilemma and wonder if this is the end.

Meanwhile back at the meteor site, the force field surrounds 500 kilometers squared around a big circle in the swamp.  Every one else has arrived and the notice a port by the force field that has what looks like a keyhole.  That keyhole someone has and must place the key in to the hole to open the force field and notice what is inside is the magic that will appear or is it magic.  Now everyone can see inside the force field and sees a man, a woman, and a child walking around wondering what is going on.   The man is playing with the child certain games while the woman is looking towards them making some food.

The Great Aspergian, his wife, and child are in there.  The only ones that can open the field up is two people that are trapped on a boat nearly 80 kilometers away in the swamp area of Aspergia.

To be continued…

out, J

New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 15

Natalia and Steel walk through the doors of aspergia to the gateway through other lands to head back to ask F and K if they would do something for them by becoming the dragons they once were and flying over to the crater where the unknown star fell.

The gateway is very dark this time around and extremely quiet so quiet that you can hear noises of screetching from their feet and a feeling of uncertainty.

People in Aspergia have a life that is very relaxing and less stressful than anyone else. It is a land of people that try and live their life in a different ways than other lands. It is why the Great Aspergian and his lovely Latin woman that he met on his journey went through the journey and to be so seperate from anyone else.

Unfortunately they had died and so did their unborn baby in major vascular complications and the heart as well.

Natalia truly feels deep down inside that this quest to the unknown star will lead her directly to her friend the great aspergian and his wife and baby.

The door to the land of latin was somehow left open coincidentally and as Natalia and Steel begin to look before entering K pushes them both through the door. then F is seen in the midst of the sky flying like a dragon and then K turns in to the dragon as well. As K turns in to his dragon layers, K yells out “We saw it too, let’s go and get them back.”

And so Steel and Natalia jump on the dragons and the flying begins to the next episode of Aspergia Greets… toward the swampy area of Aspergia to find out what it was all about.

At the same time that they are flying on the dragons, many aspergians and other land people are questing over to the comet/star itself.

The lands from Aspergia, English, and Africa are on there way to say a few. Before they get there to the unknown comet/meteor/star itself there might be nothing because of the hype of what happened. There is also an unknown person looking that you shall find about later.

To be continued…

out, J

New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 14

Natalia gazed up at the final star that night and fell asleep. During her sleep she saw the famous aspergian in her dream. In her dream, he was a father playing with his half aspergian/half latin baby. The mother, latin woman was looking pleased as she was knitting a sweater for her baby. She was pleased for the fact that she had found a man that could be the father of a child of hers. Natalia had walked up to latin woman and said in the dream, “I thought the both of you had died 5 years ago.”

Latin Woman said back in the dream “this is the heaven that you are dreaming about with me and my husband.”

Natalia took a few steps back and as she almost fell in to a water filled tub pool, she wakes up in sweats and panting.

Steel gets up as quickly as he can to find out what had happened to Natalia. Natalia just shakes her head and goes back to sleep.

The next morning Natalia, Steel, Sveny, and Britannica get up make their breakfast that Sveny collected from when he was in the land of Savannah Africa to eat. They eat their breakfast and during that breakfast, a huge comet comes crashing through the air and lands deep inside the forest that looked nearly 500 miles away in the swamp of Aspergia.

Natalia and Steel yell together “There he is and his wife latin woman too.”

Sveny whispers back “I don’t think so that was just a shooting star and has nothing to do with any such people coming crashing back to earth from the heavens.”

Natalia and Steel were ecstatic and especially because Natalia’s dream after seeing the shooting star in the distance dreaming about his friend and his lovely latin woman. Could this be true? Could it really be the fact that he came back from the heavens with lovely latin woman to make one more pit stop?

If Natalia and Steel travel toward it, then it will take them a good 50 days walk and tenting out through Aspergian Swamp area.

The best thing to do was to go back to land of latin and use F and K to perform their dragon trick and turn back into dragons so that they can fly their in less than 2 days.

But, it will be tricky trying to convince F and K to do this one last time since they so dispise performing this trick.

What is the next best thing then?

Find out on the next episode of Aspergia Greets…

out, J

The New Episode of Aspergia Greets Episode 13

It all began when Natalia and Steel leave the Land of Latin leaving behind F, K, and K’s wife Ela, and every one they had met there before to go head back to Aspergia.   It has been five years since the tragic deaths of latin woman and the famous aspergian who wanted to see the world.  They had both died of congential defects in or around their hearts.  And of course latin woman’s baby inside of her didn’t survive either.  It was a tragedy that could have been a happy family living somewhere in Aspergia or anywhere.

Natalia and Steel traveled through the famous walkway with many doors to get back to aspergia rather than by how the famous aspergian got around by dragons.

It was a sad walk especially for Natalia.  Steel comforted her the whole way to the next doorway that would lead them back home.

Just before they were about to open the door, a man approaches Natalia nearly frightening her to death.  When she turned around startled, it was the famous Aspergian’s brother and wife, Sveny and Britannica.

Sveny gives Natalia a hug and asks her what she is doing in this path.  Natalia tells him that her and Steel haven’t heard from the famous aspergian for 5 years and got very worried.  Natalia tells his brother Sveny that he died.  There was only silence in the loud room.  No one knew what to say not even Britannica.  Then, the four of them walk through the Aspergian door to their land one by one.

There was something wrong though.  As if something was missing.  It felt silent and dark.

It was nighttime and no lights were on at all.

Luckily, Sveny had a couple tents on his back with Britannica so they tented out till the morning right in front of the door leading out of Aspergia.

The tents were put up and everyone went to sleep.

Natalia stays up and watches the shooting stars in the sky wondering about the famous aspergian and friend of hers.   She thought about time when they were younger in their teens when the two of them were playing ring around the rosey with their younger cousins and the famous aspergian yelling during the dance, “I am going to be an adventurer and help the world through peace.”  This inspired Natalia and made her want to yell back and I am coming with you.  She had never done that.  5 years later from that point was the day the famous Aspergian went off the land and met F and K in the gates through the hallways of the world.  That was when F and K walked him through the land of latin and the adventure began.

(then a song played, by sarah mclachlan)

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Remember the good times that we had?
I let them slip away from us when things got bad
How clearly I first saw you smilin’ in the sun
Wanna feel your warmth upon me, I wanna be the one

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I’m so tired but I can’t sleep
Standin’ on the edge of something much too deep
It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard

But I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose
Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
Weep not for the memories

posting later on,

out, J

Aspergia Greets Episode 12

The next morning K was feeling ectatic because he had a wonderful night with Ela.  He was singing songs so all throughout the castle can hear him.  People yelling back “Shut up”. K with this is exhilarting feeling inside wants to marry Ela.

Suemami awoke feeling good and sleeping in a sleeping bag next to the bed was F.  Apparently F was wailing away in the night because of the stupid ants and bugs crawling in his sleeping bag so he finally figured out a way to get rid of them.

Latin Woman awoke feeling a bit tired and nauseas because of her pregnancy and the child growing inside of her.  While I had to hear it all night, I felt sleepy and happy at the same time.  She felt a bit drawn out and I tended to her needs as she took some ancient Indian medication that the King had ordered his doctor to give her.

Every one has been so nice.

But, just before anything more can happen.  The King and Queen appear and are very worried.   They feel that we should get going and leave the two maltese dogs here as where on our way. This led to a huge argument with Latin woman and the Queen.

Latin Woman had gotten so insulted that a big fight occured.

The Queen and Latin Woman have some words where neither can understand eachother since one is talking in Indian and the other in spanish cursing each other off.

The King and I try to break it off, but Latin woman had already done the damage because she broke the Queen’s nose with her fist.

This led to afterward her punch to the Queen, Latin woman felt sick and fell to the ground.

I and others immediately tended to her to see what had happened.

Latin Woman was seen by the doctor, the King’s favorite doctor, and noticed that she had had a miscarriage and was not doing well.

A tests were performed on her and she was completely out of it not knowing what was going on because she felt so tired and short of breath.

The one test that was performed was an echocardiogram.   Apparently from the pregnancy, her body can not handle having a pregnancy.  So, the echo showed why she was feeling so tired and short of breath, and nauseas.

At times she would be coughing up blood, a term called Hemopytsis.

The doctor has to bring her to the hospital where she can immediately have surgery to heal her.

But, unfortunately she did not make it there on time.  Half way through the roads to the hospital, she had passed on.

I was by her side on the way to the hospital as her last words were, “keep on showing how remarkable you are.”

But, as she had passed on I felt pains myself in my chest.   At first I ignored it and didn’t tell anybody.   We had gotten to the morgue, and the mortician asked where I would like to bury her or would I like to creamate and scatter her ashes.

I didn’t know what to do.  So, I had asked F and K what they thought, but they had no idea because I knew her the best. Then, I remembered that she loved the water and always wanted to be by the beach in Latin for all eternity. So, that is what I did, I creamated her and took the ashes with me till we got back to Latin.

The next day after that, my chest pains were getting worse and I still didn’t want to tell anybody.  But, when I had to stop before I began transporting to the land of latin her ashes.   I had to stop.  I began coughing up blood myself and felt pain like I never felt before.  It was almost as if I was feeling the brink of death and I did not want to die.

They gave me an immediate echocardiogram which sent me to the OR in the hospital. I made it further than latin woman.

Now he had died and he told me that I should take my friend F and the maltese dogs and scatter his ashes with latin woman back in Land of Latin.

So that is what F and I did.  We transformed one last time in to the dragons that we become and flew back to the land of latin.

There was no ceremony, there was no telling of who was going to be there, but F and I took both of the urns and scattered it through the waters and threw the urns together in the middle of the ocean.

We had gotten back to where we live back in our home.  All we can do is remember the little bit of Aspergia that we had seen.

The maltese dogs from Malta are running in the yard so happy and playful.  Our family loves them.

One day almost 5 years later, I see Natalia and Steel coming off the ocean shore and she asks me,

“What happened to the Aspergian named  Big Bird and the his lovely latin Woman. ”

I said “Good to see you Natalia and Steel, but Big bird and latin woman had died nearly 5 years ago. I am so sorry.”

The wind blew in and knocked Natalia and Steel over as if there were signs from Big Bird and Latin Woman  coming along.  And I had laughed with my friend F standing by me and our families watched as we walked back towards them.

Natalia and Steel decide to continue the journey of Aspergia Greets that Big Bird had started and could not end.

Remember your dreams and never take life for granted, it only happens once…

Hope you enjoyed and not too sad,

out, J