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Aspergia Greets Episode 22

The Malta Honorary Dinner of the Great Aspergian sits on top of a mountain in Malta where there hundreds of people gathered all around. Juana escorts Ed along the aisles as everyone begins to find seats at tables. Vic walks behind as every body looks at him too since he is the nephew of Great Aspergian’s wife. The three of them don’t realize the honor at first, but they just go with the flow.

Yet, is this a dream or this reality for everybody?

From Lionel Ritchie’s song, Dancing on a Ceiling…

“What is happening here?
Something is going on
Thats not quite clear
Somebody turn on the light
Were gonna have a party
Its starting tonight…”

Every body on the Land of Malta is from the different lands from all over to celebrate the day that Great Aspergian and his Latin Woman wife fell in love on the Land of Malta.  The Great Aspergian arrived on the land and as his nephews sit on the table while his own blood nephew sits there with his new love.

Juana and Edwin feel the love tonight and as Edwin begins crying for his family, Juana consols him even though Edwin is a bit disturbed to know why she wants to consol him because he is crying.  After all, Edwin doesn’t understand any of that.

The Land of Malta is filled with tables and tables of people from all over the land of Malta.  The other people from the different lands are speaking their native languages saying to themselves things like long live Aspergia, Long Live Aspergia.

The mark that set out the Great Aspergian to set out his mark to join everyone from different lands  together in unity and love brings joyous occasions.

And now Edwin is about to fulfill the prophecy that will bring unity and love to the this as a whole instead of separate lands.

As the people from the land of Malta unveil a unity statue of peace a light shines through to the statue.  See, the Great Aspergian started making a statue all throughout his trip and he left his statue in Malta where the people from Malta finished the statue.

It is a symbol of peace and love that will create unity.

Edwin looks up in to the sky and sees his uncle and latin woman wife and child watching over the party.  Edwin winks back at his uncle wondering what this is all about.

See, the Great Aspergian who was supposed to find unity and love as well as the understanding of people and social avenues, died and everyone around needs not forget what he tried to do.  Edwin and Juana are like the great aspergian and latin woman wife that was already only they are different in some ways and in some ways better.

Edwin kisses his date, Juana, falling in love while there is a falling star that falls upon the statue in bursts of flames.  The flames form bigger and bigger as if they are about to form fireworks.

Then, appears a cry from the distance as if someone needed a doctor, there comes Edwin who is studying medicine, but is not yet a doctor.  He comes forward to this crying person and sees its an older woman in pain.  She becomes short of breath and keels over to the side, where Edwin needs to revive her to get her better and he does.

He revives her and the party ends with smiles and cheers.  Juana kisses Edwin and there is a sudden silence that only no body can hear but see what just happened.

The moment turned to an engagement between the nephew of the Great Aspergian and Juana.   The woman who was revived has a moment of happy and then falls flat on her face and dies.

The next day when Edwin, Juana, and Vic have to leave the land of Malta, they are given a gift of  a Maltese dog and a special wand of hope.

The boatship leaves with Edwin and Juana waving goodbye and Vic standing on the boat for the first time playing with a dog.

Next time the Aspergia Greets lands us in to another land where the adventure continues…

till then out, J

Quest in Aspergia Greets Episode 20

The feelings are intense in the house that the two nephews are inside of now because the music is getting very loud especially for the Aspergian. In the middle of the room stands a woman so pure and so simple and dark skinned. She has beautiful brown eyes, dark hair, and wearing clothes ready to go to the carnival for her land.

The person seems very glamorous and shiney yet she is so lonely at the same time. The aspergian feels the same love inside that his uncle felt for the latin woman he felt for as well. Yet, the nephew doesn’t realize that there is a woman back in Aspergia that is in awe of him just like with the Great Aspergian himself.

The two nephews walk to the carnival with the latin woman while both the nephews start noticing how whenever this latin woman walks, she shines.

She is like an angel that the two nephews notice are a part of them now.

The carnival was like no other the nephew from Aspergia went to before.  It was loud, noisy, and many people everywhere all over the place.   The nephew from Aspergia stood by the boats where not much was going on while the nephew from the Land of Latin danced all night long.  All of a sudden, when jeers and saddening from the nephew from Aspergia was feeling, the Latin Woman who brought them to the Carnival approached him to talk and find out what was going on.  Why wasn’t he not having a good time? Besides it was his trip to find out more about people and interactions to complete his Uncle’s Journey.

Anyway,  as the latin woman approached the nephew of the Great Aspergian, the Great Aspergian and his latin woman wife approached within the starry sky looking down crying. All he wanted was to complete his journey and he is hoping his nephew will do it yet the nephew is struggling more than he did.  A tragic scene that he wants to stop.

So, the current Latin Woman says to him, “What’s your name? I never introduced myself, I am Juana.  Please, how can I help?”

The aspergian replies saying “Well, my uncle was the Great Aspergian and I want to complete his journey, but I don’t think I have the strength in me that he had in him.”

Juana: Well, my baby, I give you this because it is a symbol of what gave me the strength to live after the fallen death of both of my parents some 10 years ago. Its yours now” And she handed him a symbol that he recognized almost immediately, It was something that the Great Aspergian was wearing when he met the great and Latin Woman wife and child before he went to through the gateway to the hallway of other lands of people.  It looked like a necklace with a symbol of star of some sorts.

Nephew of Great Aspergian: “Thank you, by the way my name is Edwin.”

Edwin and Juana begin to take each other’s hands onto the carnival’s dance floor while in the moment sparks burst in the sky and the stars are as bright as the sun.  Edwin looks up in the sky and sees an image of his uncle and wife smiling.

Juana starts dancing taking Edwin’s hands and placing them on her waists and shoulders. Juana is showing him how to salsa.   Edwin is very klutzy and odd at it, but Juana is dancing with him anyway trying for him to get it right.

By the end of the night, when the fireworks end the carnival, Juana kisses Edwin even though Edwin lets her only kiss him on his cheek due to extreme eye contact and touch problems.

Edwin and Juana walk on the beach and wind up sleeping on the beach the whole night gazing at the stars.  Edwin sleeps dreaming about what this trip will accomplish for himself, others, and with getting the world back on track in order to fulfill the Great Aspergian’s Quest.

The next day Edwin wakes up startled because he didn’t realize he slept on the beach with Juana next to him with her arm over his shoulder.  So, he jumps up and says “let the journey begin today, Juana, let the journey begin today!”

And so Juana gets up annoyed and the boatship is on the water ready for lift off as the other nephew from the land of latin walks in to the boat as well.

The latin woman’s nephew slept not too far from Juana and Edwin since he was on the beach as well.

The three of them get on the beach and set off on the boat. They speed up on the water till the boat starts floating in the air.

The next journey will be heading to the land where the maltese dogs are to meet someone else to take them trough the rest of the journey.

(For that, see you next time on the Aspergia Greets….)

out, J

Quest for Aspergia Greets…Episode 19

The two nephews walking down the beach of the land of Latin.  One a nephew of the Great Aspergian and the other a nephew of the Latin Woman.  As they walk they don’t even realize the relationship that they have together.  They are distant family members, but not blood related.

The first day they decide to set their eyes on a small house just off the outskirts of a city in Land of Latin.   The Land of Latin is so beautiful with its many different hilly areas and palm trees, and other interesting landscapes.  There is a big mountain in the distance that they call now Mount Aspergia.  Even though they are not in Aspergia at all, they changed the name when the Great Aspergian came.

In the far distance lies a shadow of a man with cane and very grey white beard with long hair.  He begins to walk towards the two of them with utter speed in his old bones.

The old man comes finally to them as they both meet, “Hola, I mean Hello, I know the both of you.  I worked with your uncle (pointing at the nephew of the great aspergian) and I loved and worked with your aunt (pointing at the nephew of the latin woman).”  Then, they look at each other and the old man says very whispering “I tell you our little secrets, but first I need to tell you something very important. We never finished our mission and now it is time nephew of the great aspergian to finish our mission of people relatedness. You have however long it takes you and however long you learn it for yourself, but at least you have someone to guide you and teach you as well.  I suffered a lot young men, but you do not have to suffer the way I did. Me and my old deceased friend K knew this day was coming and created this for you, our little present for you (pointing to a hot air balloon, but the hot air balloon keeled over and deflated immediately). NO, I can’t let this be.”

The old man suffered greatly even more and started begging to the one up there not for this to happen since this is the mission that needs to be fulfilled.  As he says the last words of “let the mission prevail.” He keeled over and died.  His body was washed away in the ocean disappearing forever, yet a star emerged in the sky during the brightness of the sun and the star clashed with a bigger star that shine so bright.

Then, the two nephews walk into a small house where there were twelve Maltese dogs barking and rummaging around for the old man who was their owner.

That is when a emerging woman came through the door and showed them a cemetery in the backyard where there lied a huge unicorn walking in the yard.  The unicorn pointed in the distance towards a tunnel that they will be traveling down since lately they don’t want other people following them into the other lands since this is to complete a mission that the Great Aspergian was supposed to complete, but had not had the chance to.

The carnival in the distance is lit and there are fireworks everywhere in celebration of the tour through other lands by the two nephews.  Aspergia Greets begins…They walk into the tunnel and the first place they land is in the middle of another home in another part of the land of latin.  They can hear the carnival more and more, so loud that the nephew from aspergia can not handle it.  So, a man walks in and so let Aspergia Greets begin with a Carnival at the Land of Latin.

(more to come)

out, J

As you thought Aspergia Greets was over…Episode 18

The Quest for and of the Great Aspergian’s nephew

Ten years later after the Great Aspergian and Latin Woman left there seeked another form of the Great Aspergian lying on his bed in the land of Aspergia. He was lying there wondering into the ceiling about how he is doing poorly in middle school and thinking about how he can do better in school. His amazing abilities are that he can memorize and understand the human body more than anyone else can in the world.

He is only 12 years old and reads technical medical books like Gray’s Anatomy in which it took him 30 days to memorize everything in the book. He made his father buy incredible books on the circulatory system and its main pump, the heart. He can understand things like how blood pumps, moves through the body, and comes back to the heart. He found materials in the land of aspergia to create himself a magical wand that can look inside the body. He realized that in order to get a picture he needed some kind of visionary material like a TV to actually see the picturs of his own body. He began building what others would know as an Ultrasound Machine.

He bought books about physics and through trial and error, knowing his way around learning what most people have trouble understanding without a teacher, learned physics on his own creating his ultrasound machine 8 years later when he was graduating high school in land of Aspergia.

When he graduated high school, he started attending an elite aspergian university where he took his machine and started performing scans on himself. At first, he didn’t know where to put the transducer or wand he created, but through the help of friends he met at the university, he learned it. Ultrasound has been around for a very long time and the Great Aspergian found that many people were impressed by his knowledge base and one man found that he can use the Great Aspergian’s knowledge in the clinical sense.

Although the Great Aspergian’s nephew knew that he didn’t quite fit in well with people since he spent all those years reading and reading. So, he had to learn every aspect of people. This led to a mystery where the Great Aspergian disappeared in to the wild.

No one knew where the Great Aspergian’s nephew went. Only to realize that he went on a quest just like the Great Aspergian himself did some years ago.

He entered out of the university grounds and back to the aspergian land where he found the door that would take him to other lands.

He figured that now is the time to take himself and his stuff on a quest to know what people are like and learn about people and making friends.

The University officials contacted his parents that he left the grounds and is missing.

Before entering outside the door of Aspergia, a symbolic butterfly came by and was pushing his hair around. Then, the butterfly turned into his Uncle, the Great Aspergian and next to him stood the Latin Woman wife and child.

The Great Aspergian put up a sign that read: Go to the Land of Latin where you will meet a man that will take you around to the other lands and will help you learn about people.

Then, the Great Aspergian, Latin Woman, and their child vanished in mid-air.

The grandson walked through the door with his trunk filled with clothes and books walking down the hallway. He reached a old door that was filled with dust and a sign that read, “We love the Great Aspergian” as all the doors said the same thing, but this door was the only dusty door. He walked through the door and stood a man beside the water on the beach saying, “Nice to meet you, nephew of the Great Aspergian. I am his Latin Woman wife’s nephew.”

They walk along the beach and away they go on the quest to learn from people just the way the Great Aspergian was trying to learn.

(That is it for now)

out, J

New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 17

Here it is finally, the episode that everyone is waiting for…

Read this from Shalom Rav first:

Give us peace, all through the land
All the world is in Your hand
We are all one family
Hear our prayer, give us peace!

Drazin = Done Right at zoning in nature
The land was dark and the night was silent. The only lit up in the sky was the force field that stood the great aspergian and his child playing a game while the wife was cooking something and sewing some kind of cloth into a big clothing. Every one was sleeping waiting for the next day, except for one other person Natalia who was wondering what her and Steel were doing at this moment trying to find their friends again. She was wondering what would make her want to see her friends once again, and the answer to that is closure.

Closure is very important and the most important part about it is good closure. Natalia and Steel never got the chance to say goodbye to their friends. Yet, something big is about to happen or so to speak.

Souls are connected somehow and Great Aspergian, Latin Woman wife, Natalia, and Steel are some how very connected and complete a whole soul. Its interesting to say this, but its true. Anything could have happened, but there was a reason why the Great Aspergian met his wife and why Natalia became closer to Steel marrying eachother.

The keyhole that needs the key to fit to open up the forcefield will open up soon and when it does the most intense sense of beauty will appear so intensely and so revering.

Natalia looks at her husband Steel now, and he is sleeping while snoring. Natalia can’t sleep, but to think about tomorrow and what that will bring.

The only problem that is occuring is the dangers that lie ahead while on this pirate ship. In the meantime, F and K are sleeping too, but suddenly K wakes up screaming for Ela. He had the worst nightmare ever sweating. Natalia goes over to him asking if anything is the matter. He tells her that he dreamt a dream about how Ela was being attacked by a Chupacabra, YIKES!

Anyway, the next morning, the two spanish pirates and their gang push open the door marching into the room telling F and K to get up and go to the bathroom while they talk to Natalia and Steel.

They don’t get up right away, but then as being whipped they jump up and move their butts over to the bathroom together.

The talk is about how the pirates found out that Natalia and Steel know about the meteor because they are somehow connected to it. They want to use Natalia and Steel to get whatever is there and bring to the museums to gain money for it. F jumps out of the bathroom with K too yelling “Don’t you touch them, you ain’t getting nothing anyone especially what is beyond that forcefield and what is likely to be money for you. You have to learn to appreciate everything, YOU stupid pirates.”

the one with mustache answers first, “oh yeah, you going to try me suckers, take a load of this…”

And the pirates pumped farting gas in their faces getting F and K to lose their senses and jump in to the water. Once they got in to the water, Steel jumps out after them tugging them back to land. Natalia is left with the pirates.

Not until Natalia figures out the vulnerability she needs from them, a way out. The way out was that she saw both pirates’ nostalgia and ran in their room took a baseball bat from their room and she ran inside the room, took the bat and wacked the one pirate that seemed to be different than the other. This caused a whole commotion and the two pirates seeking something because the one pirate was revealed as a woman. The woman fell over after being struck and the other pirate yells “Hey, this is not good, Get out of here, you just hit my wife.” Natalia says “Get over it, next you you want to take life by the horns and push me and my husband again, you both will be horribly punished more.” Natalia runs out jumps into the water and the pirate husband and wife are totally immersed in each other trying to chase after Natalia, instead does not.  Instead they realize that Natalia and Steel were their best friends from younghood and they were teasing them because they were really jealous.

So, Natalia runs out jumps in to the water and swims back to land before getting to land she was being chased by a crocodile.

By this time it is light out and time is running out. So, F and K turn back into dragons flying Natalia and Steel back to the forcefield where they intended to go anyhow.

When they get in to the zone where the force field, everyone in the lands all over, are trying to do whatever it takes to knock the forcefield off, but as soon as Natalia comes over. The Great Aspergian, his wife, and child see them through the field and run over to them.

The great aspergian says to Natalia, “The key, get the key, time is running out…”

Natalia yells back she doesn’t know where to look.

The child says “the key is your heart.”

So, Natalia moves her body in place where a key would be and as the force field is opening up a huge light emerses all over getting everyone from all the lands to kneel.

Natalia and Steel see the Great Aspergian, His wife, and child. They all look in eachother’s eyes and light emerses through them. They fall upwards to the sky as the five of them do to the heavens above. Stars form in front of their eyes that respresent themselves while they return back to the land of Aspergia.

Natalia and Steel are back and all of sudden die instantly. The stars form brighter and brighter somehow more connected than anything else in the universe. It is four souls coming together in the heavens.

Five Years later,

Sveny is at home and tells the story to his 5 year old son about how the Great Aspergian and his wife and child and friends became a soul. He tells of the stars formation up in the sky that represent those people that once lived here as his wife Britannica cooks dinner and smells up the house with wonderful food.

Not once does he tell the son that that was part of family.

The son looks similiar to how the great aspergian appeared alive once on this Earth. He had his hair so bright and his eyes so dark. Anyway, as the story ends now stories never really end anyhow. This notion of the respecting of people and knowing that anything is possible whenever you want a dream to come true. Take for instance your life rather than this fictional story, This life is so great and so amazing when you can do whatever your heart desires as I do myself.

Take it easy and hope that you enjoyed the story,