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Difficult situations we get ourselves in to sometimes

In many ways we get ourselves in to difficult situations which are very hard to take ourselves away from. Sometimes we don’t know what we are getting ourselves in to when we sign up for something because we either just don’t know or are thinking irrational. We have to know our limitations, but we need people to be patient enough till we can understand what we are needed to actually do. I just wonder why we all can get ourselves in to difficult situations with impatient people which we really feel we can’t get out.

Sometimes I feel these difficult situations come to us to help teach us a lesson which we need to move on with and/or are tested on. The test will show if we can actually do something which is meant for us. The possibilities are endless when we can take our time with a very patient person to learn how to do something, anything. In return, an impossibility turns in to something possible.

A sunny day after a few days of rain, brings a sense of renewal and a new era in all of us. The Sun shines bright today and whoever reads my statement I am about to tell all of you today, will shine brighter today. Discover your potential for a bright future and know you are here to learn as much as you can with whatever passion you have.

The difficult situation(s) you and I are possibly in right now can end and another door opens soon to the reward(s) we know in our heart we will receive.

More to come for Gregarious Revolution story soon…

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A door opens up every day

Living in the deep end of the ocean can be a an interesting more quiet way to live. Living in the unknown quiet life allows people to spend their time without being in the public eye. These days every one seems to be in the public eye from the internet boom. The internet boom brought Facebook, Twitter, and other networks together to give people a chance to share their stories to the world, but whatever happened to the quiet life. Some people need these sites in order to feel good while other people use them to enjoy what they have already. We need to enjoy every minute of life as it comes to us.

In a lot of ways it is important to share stories to help out other people who may be have the similar struggles. A lot of people can benefit from the ways in which they can help themselves or others. We are all human beings anyway with similar problems. A person can distinguish who they are as a person by pinching themselves in the arm and feeling pain. It is just an example of one of the feelings we have. It does not mean we should always feel pain because a lot of the times we can feel happy. It is just up to us to be joyous with what we do in our life.

Some people don’t realize this, but you must feel joy in your heart by first giving yourself a kiss on the back of your hand. It shows you love who you are. It may be hard for some people to do this, in the end, it makes life a lot easier. Some people may have a hard time knowing how they can love themselves because they may feel they have nothing to give. They may have sensory problems, social difficulties, and/or lack of motivation in society to do the necessary functions to be able to live independently.
Living independently should be the goal of any one in society. It is very important as a first step to living independently and to be a contributing member of society to love yourself before you can love other people. Ultimately, you will finally live your life the way you were meant to be in society.

A simple goal for yourself should be discovering a door opening every day for you.

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Rainy Days

Rainy days can seem gloomy at first, but can turn in to a good days if you see the beauty of water. Run outside in the rain and scream out in the middle of the street like Tim Robbins in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. It might just make you feel a little bit better, though some people might be wondering what a screaming person is doing out of nowhere.

Rain keeps our soil fertile, and our water flowing in our pipes…

Time to start the day and make it a good one!

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The truest nature of your love goes a long way

A history of fear and jealousy goes back to the age of the dinosaurs or even beyond that. Fear and jealousy are conformity of the soul. It reminds us there are struggles in our lives. A struggle in which we need to gather ourselves to our ultimate goal: all of us being one with god.

Whose to say who is right and who is wrong. Republicans say Democrats are wrong, while Democrats say Republicans are wrong. This is assumptions which we all make. When Republicans were in power, this country went down. Now that Democrats are in power, it seems as if Republicans are unhappy. Not every one can be happy with who is in power. To straighten the United States, the world, and our own life we must first decide what is best for ourselves first.

Every body can argue about the crises in our life now, but there is only one solution. Open your eyes to the bitterness around you to see how you can help.

Remember to work together to see the solution…and don’t fear!

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