Adaptations Online Carnival of Artistic Talent!

Here is the Fall event everyone has been waiting for…Thank you to the 4 Adaptations members who wanted to share their work on Drive Mom Crazy!!

Drum roll please!!

Click his name to learn more about this amazing artist, Samuel Banfield,

Check these 3 amazing paintings by and click on her name for her website, Alexandra Bonomo,

Here is (click her name for her blog) Leah Herskovitz who is also an Adaptations member who painted this Awesome painting:

Jennifer Garcia an Adaptations member who wrote this poem,

Fall leaves have bloomed while every hall of each building are decorated with it’s colors the air is cool but you don’t fool me even if the pool is closed there’s a pool table in all bars to play watch football and served beer cold anyways the season of sweater wearing but it’s not too bad of course Halloween don’t forget the Jewish holidays and thanksgiving awesome

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