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Simply Drive Mom Crazy. I am not going to tell people ways on which to drive their mom crazy. It simply a metaphor. I am theamazinj because i am a mets fan and not from queens.

My name is J Ross who is a 41 year old disabled disability activist. I am a part time Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC) user as well and I am Autistic.  Being a part time AAC user does not mean I am treated less than, it does not mean I use it all the time, it just means I know when I need to talk and when I need to type to speak. This does not mean I do not talk like everyone else. I am starch and blunt person who will tell it like it is even if you may not like what I say.  This blog has evolved over the years as I grow every year. I got my Masters degree in disability studies at CUNY School of Professional Studies Disabilities Studies program. I support disability rights organizations which support the need for disability justice.

We have to all communicate with each other. We need to represent a person for who the person is, not what the other person thinks the person is. And, we cannot support anyone who misrepresents a person and a disability even though we see it in the mass media misrepresenting a person or group. Everyone deserves respect without pity or shame or being a victim or being hurt, because we are all people and citizens in a society. I support and a member of society for disability studies (SDS). I am also creating a TASH NY chapter and support TASH. I want to take Disability studies into the media by creating film media projects to help change the perceptions many people have about disability. I have an idea for a documentary I want to make, from a class project I already did in Spring 2015. The project is on a website at Disquake, the link for the project is here.

I may have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, but please refer to me as an Autistic person, not a person with autism or a person with aspergers. I have always believed in Neurodiversity.  A phrase I often hear from everyone is “I may be Autistic, but for some reason everyone loves me when they meet me”.

I am the type of person who always wants to learn and do new things. I gear up for it. Whenever I see something new, I try to experience it unless say its something that won’t be good for me.

Asperger Syndrome is part of Autistic culture which is sensory, motor, social, language impairments and differences. It also attributes to anxiety. Anxiety plays a big part as well as when the person growing up is around people that don’t understand or know that what we are about. So, it also attributes to post-traumatic stress disorder. This can lead to problems in adulthood if the person doesn’t seek the right help when the person is in social situations. I also have many multi-sensory issues and I do stim often for various reasons.

My special interest is very specific, it lies in a section of medicine. I was always fascinated by medicine. Especially how the blood moved through the body and was controlled in essence by a pump of what we call the Heart. My interest in the heart happened from a personal issue I was having with it myself. Although, I am not a Autistic savant, my interest varies too. I begin to realize what my true passion is to helping many of my Autistic peers out there whether verbal or non-verbal, to see their inner gift spark up and shine bright. I have always been wanting to help others. May be it’s why I was on the Board of Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth too! Helping others learn to express themselves and be their own person that can give them their own voice is so important and a huge passion of mine. As I get older, I feel I have no regrets to the things I have done. I did the things I did in order to grow as a person and lead myself into doing the things I need to do without giving up!

I am an artist, filmmaker, and poet! I am working on a full feature script, a youtube series of my character puppets, and other media in the mix of it all.
I write many forms of fiction and poetry also, but I have not been published yet. I also do much artwork as well! One day I will be published too. I have been taking non credit film classes for the past few years.

Please read through my blog posts and feel free to comment. I can be reached via the contact form on this site. Also, I work very hard on this site to spread my message, please feel free to donate with the button on the main page if you enjoy my work.

I completed a e-portfolio for my graduate work. Please follow me on Twitter @theamazinJ

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