A Poem Called “The Responsibility of Choice”

The Responsibility of Choice

by theamazinJ

The responsibility of choice lies in what any one chooses,
do we choose a partner or do we choose solace,
do we choose to have children or do we choose not,
do we choose to take psychiatric medication or do we choose alternatives,
do we choose employment or do we choose day hab,
do we choose having much more support or do we choose very little support
do we choose to learn to communicate like everyone else or do we choose to communicate the way we are
do we choose living in a city or do we choose a rural setting,
do we choose being complacent in society or do we choose being activist fighting for civil rights
Choices are based on self-awareness.
what we know about ourselves,
from all of our impairments
regardless of having known disability or not,
from how we want to live our life,
from what we want to accomplish,
from what and who we want to support us,
Choices matter and it’s all about us,
The responsibility of choice,
we can choose a direction of whatever support we want or a direction of others’ controlling us,
The choice is ours,
the choice of concern or the choice of not being afraid,
being careful or overdoing and being overloaded,
a choice we make is an important one that fits right for us,
the choice of believing in ourselves or not,
choices help us through it all,
choices give us hope for ourselves,
it helps guarantee our life is what we make of it,
the choice we make is the honor it takes
to be the person we are meant to be,
the person we are meant to live up by our goals we set,
for a choice of the goals we want
helps us choose and appreciate who we are
and the support we want to get us to that point
of the success we ultimately see,
responsibility of choice helps us,
responsibility of choice keeps us moving forward,
responsibility of choice allows us to guide ourselves
in a direction that fits right, that means us well,
and that gives us the opportunity to
fulfill our greatest need of connecting to
whatever and however our individual leadership moves us
in a vector with the speed we want to go
and the direction and angle we get to move across,
because in the end,
it’s all about us, it’s all about our own choices,
and it’s all about feeling right
when we choose what feels good
with the goals we execute to get done.
That’s the responsibility we all need to take.

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