A Poem Called “The Choice”

(TRIGGER WARNING: The use of oppressive language may trigger some, be cautious before reading this poem)

The Choice,

by theamazinJ

The Choice is yours,
live one way or live another,
choose light or choose darkness,
choose anger or choose relieving that anger,
choose crying or choose sobbing until it stops with the tears that heal,
we can hurt our whole life or we can choose to diminish and maybe even stop the pain,
oppression is real and it hurts,
it hurts us all no matter who we are,
whether we are disabled or not,
any oppression hurts badly.
Oppression causes:
an attack on the person for their disabilities and any other different unique attributes,
then it causes a domino affect of pain and anger
eventually causing more heartaches and wounds.
The wounds bleed heavily and profusely,
as we get into a cycle of heavy bleeding of emotions and blood.
The cycle of oppressions is so strong and vengeful,
it causes hurt and pain,
though there is only one way
to stop the cycle of oppressions,
stop reacting and start attracting,
attract relationships you thought you would not have had,
attract everyone who walks into your life,
distract from the pain causing more pain
cause by distracting from the pain,
we become more productive,
we broaden our minds
opening up to other minds,
and living a universal neurodiverse community
all around the world.
The Neurodiverse community
that shapes our foundations of action,
that shapes our relationships,
that shapes our spirit,
and that shapes our communities across the world.
The choice is yours,
go with a direction of hope or go with a direction of never seeing the end.
Choose the direction down the rabbit hole into wonderland
or choose a direction into what will always be the same.
Wonderland can be wonderful,
but what we have already is wars against each other,
so choose wisely,
choose war and you get pain and anger and more pain,
choose wonderland and you attract relationships you never seen coming to you before.
The choice is yours,
the choice is forever,
the choice is not written in stone,
whatever you choose, choose wisely,
or learn to choose wiser in the future,
because in the end,
it is on you,
the choice determines your future,
the choice can change if circumstances change,
and choosing pain can change to choosing life,
because finally,
we choose how we feel at the moment,
we choose what we want,
and we choose a golden opportunity
to either seduce ourselves to the dark side,
and we attract emotions and bad feelings;
or abundantly attract beauty in everything,
and by attracting abundance,
we attract neurodiversity
to fulfill love, beauty, and kindness all around us.
Everything changes when attracting neurodiversity wonderland
and that makes all the difference
in a world that could forgive, teach, learn, build, and understand each other
for better than we were in the past,
leading to communications between ourselves and all around nature
toward acceptance of the supports and self-determination
everyone is born with.
Make that choice.

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