A Poem Called “Looking Above the Mountain”

Looking Above the Mountain,

by theamazinJ

Somewhere over the mountain,
I climb and climb and climb,
I watch each view,
I see something amazing and beautiful,
I observe my surroundings,
watching the environments,
following the sun,
listening to the trees,
feeling the air,
becoming known to the world
with my observing eyes,
holding on for one more day after day,
believing I can see the world
without the world seeing me,
with just seeing everything
and learning about what I can do,
it takes time, precious time,
to do something I want,
to do something that matters,
to contribute what I know
in changing the world,
in changing society’s ways,
and fulfilling the need to
lift spirits higher,
to bring up about connection,
and disbound from the dishonest connections,
it takes effort to change society,
it takes effort to change our reactions,
it takes effort to see the world
without the world seeing us,
everyone strives to control
when we cannot even control everything,
sometimes we just have to let things go,
let our minds go
into the wandering air and sky,
eventually knowing we did something,
did something so well and so experienced,
that we contributed,
that we felt what we could feel,
emotionally or physically,
that we respected others
with the respect they give us,
emotionally it takes a mountain
to see it all,
it takes a mountain to spin down from,
it takes a mountain to wait until
the moment ends until we move on,
until we pass into the distant veil,
until we are hidden from view completely
and are able to be at peace
watching over the world
and what goes on,
trying to help as best as we can,
in the meantime,
we wait on top of the mountain
just experiencing everything
and learning as we observe,
and finally,
at the sight of our existence,
when that time comes,
we move on.

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