A Poem Called “Invisible”


by theamazinJ

Not seen,
Not heard,
Not even there,
watching over,
everywhere I go,
I see.
everywhere I go,
I move.
I listen.
I tend to go from here to there.
I also go from there to here.
Invisible I am,
visible I seem.
Speaking I do.
Others and many don’t listen.
My voice matters once,
but not much at all.
I am important.
I run in my soul.
I speak in my mind.
I use my voice to lift me up.
My congruence is soft,
and sweet.
My differences are not unique.
I am different than the status quo.
I am disabled by default.
I am competent.
I am visible to those who see me.
Invisible mostly.
My voice counts like every voice counts.
I am seen in the world
like everyone else.
The world is changing.
Leaders are transitioning.
Leaders becoming immune to
the rest of society.
Leaders are not in touch
with the reality of every community.
Leaders fault on this.
Building outreach to everyone,
listening to those who actually do it,
while the leaders pay attention.
Every leader counts their materials.
Leaders do not understand
which is goes side and which goes the other side.
Leadership can be invisible too.
Being invisible fading in and out
of the community we live in.
Some visible moments,
but mostly invisibility
to work on ourselves.
Dangerous to be visible,
dangerous to be invisible.
Cautious when we become visible.
Everyone has their choices,
and no body can
take away that dignity.
Everyone has their family
as we learn to use the
right supports for the right time.
getting our words out there
for the best support we can get.
support means interdependence,
while no one is independent.
Sometimes many don’t understand
what support actually mean,
and instead intend to control.
Control is not support,
voicing ourselves
under what they think others want
without listening.
Self-determination is
recognizing what we want
being self-aware,
and doing what is
important for ourselves
without being under the influence,
and without being controlled.
Invisible or not,
any of us chooses
when we want to be seen,
and when we want not.
Being visible is a part of self-determination,
but mostly it is about who we are
and what we want at the time.
Be Seen or not be seen.

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