A Poem Called “365 New Days”

365 New Days,

by theamazinJ

Every year passes 365 days,
Another 365 days
every time a new year starts
depending on when you start
the year,
it could be now,
it could be then,
it could a month from now,
the new year starts
when you begin
a new 365 days to change,
when you exert 365 chances
to do something different,
a day when you decide
when you want to start fresh,
to focus on the positive
to lead a domino affect of change.
To really begin change,
to transition from feeling bad to feeling good,
to spread joy not sorrow,
to be a person not an inspiration,
to be the person you want to be not a martyr,
to think your own mind without copying anyone,
to build everyone up not make anyone seem crazy,
to not let anything bother you and letting everything go
from what anyone says to you,
regardless how close you are to them or far away,
the 365 day cycle begins when you want it to,
it begins when you say it will,
and moving forward a New Year’s Eve
is a stronger and more productive night
when you decide you want to grow,
that you have advanced to a higher level
to higher mindset, to a higher being,
where you sense the mind, and you embark your spirit,
everything changes when your thoughts change
when your body changes, when every interaction around you changes,
when situations change to your liking,
it is all a matter of what you want,
of what you do, and what you say,
you cannot change anyone else to change the outcomes,
in changing anything to happen,
if you want to change an outcome,
everything else has to change within your thoughts,
the idea is that a new year starts when you are ready
for the challenge, for the risks, and for the gains
that all will be done, that all will be accomplished.
I know it may be hard, difficult everyday,
difficult to wake up, not easy to block out criticism you don’t like,
but another 365 days starts everyday,
in every way, and when you want to change that way,
everyone says Ok, everyone says good day, and everyone says No, I won’t,
when we say we can, when we say it will happen, when we say Yes,
and when we say everything will be in our favor,
it does happen, it will happen, and it has happened to everyone
when we remember everyone loves us and no body hates us,
that everyone can put aside current leaders around the world
and start leading themselves.
No one can lead anyone, we can only lead each other to new chances,
to lead to new beginnings, to lead to better more supportive community,
to accept differences of all kinds of people,
and to experience a world where everyone diverges from each other
from the contrasted ways everyone is like,
whatever changes you seek, be grateful for your past that taught you lessons,
never regret anything you have said or done, and move forward growing and growing
to the higher spiritual level,
because in the end,
it is all about taking chances to build bridges connecting, not walls around each other
or around the world.
The world is great, everyone is great, and no one needs to be great again,
when we’ve always been a great species
making connections with the rest of the world,
helping to preserve the world to last longer
as we are crossing the bridge together
over fire and smoke,
some have fallen while many have risen.
Let’s cross together and rise up all at once.
Happy New Year.

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