A Poem called ‘A Unicorn’s Adventure’

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A Unicorn’s Adventure,

by theamazinJ

I fight
I rise
I sail into the winds
I rise
I fall
I fight
I flow through the night sky
to reach to the stars ahead.
I fly from cloud to cloud
in the midst of the daytime sky.
I rise
I rise
I rise once again,
I fall into the body
where life hits me the hardest
with my heart open and wide
for everyone and anyone.
I am filled with love,
preach the love,
and battle the scenes
of what perceptions of reality
majority of society generally sees
and views me being different
and want to change
the majority’s misperceptions
of who I am.
I am narrow
I am wide
I am open
I am closed
I am all the in-between
I am shouting
I am whispering
I am quiet
I am hopeful
I am wishing the
majority of people in
society see me as who I am
without seeing me as less than
or nothing at all.
I am brilliant
I sometimes don’t think things through
I am curious
I am kind
I am a wizard
I am a person
I am a high ranking order
I am full of heart
I am full of love
I love you
I love all of you
I am filled with creativity
I am filled with utter happiness
I am quite eclectic
I am quite exasperating
and not well understood.
I am you in the mirror
who looks in the mirror
or even oblivious to what
I truly am,
I am the Unicorn
flying over your homes at night
carrying the gold,
watching over you,
and embarking on who I am.
Because we all are me,
we all have the unicorn
and we all have the love
that intensifies even
when we are upset or very very angry,
because we are human,
we can just be
and we can dominate our own life
in spite of everyone else
who tries to influence us to be like them
and hurt like them
and be happy like them
and do anything else like them.
The unicorn’s adventure is all of us
and we just need to be what
we want to be without
no one’s approval
no one telling us
our personhood is
crazy or invalid or needs changing.
This Unicorn’s adventure
helps all of us
even if we don’t even know it
because the unicorn
saves us, and
helps us
and complete our missions.

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