A poem of an Adventure to the Light of Myself and Yourself,


Adventure to the Light of Myself and Yourself,

by theamazinJ

All our life,
We have had to take orders from others,
telling us what to do,
telling us what to say,
telling us what to believe,
telling us that we are not good enough for life,
telling us what to learn,
telling us that we need to go into a specific direction,
telling us and brainwashing us that our voice and mind don’t matter,
telling us that we are a loser,
telling us that we are discouraged and crazy,
telling us that we are just a pawn,
telling us that we are retarded,
telling us that we don’t matter,
This is me for real:
I am nothing everyone tells me to do or says about me,
I am who I am,
I can say what I want to say,
I am what I want to believe,
I am good enough for life,
I am able to learn everything I want to learn
without others limiting me,
I can go in any direction I want to do for myself
for a positive revolution of change,
No one is brainwashing me,
I am not allowing everyone to brainwash me,
my voice and mind matter too,
I am a winner,
I am not crazy,
I am not a retard,
I am not just someone else’s pawn or puppet,
I direct my own life to whatever I want and need,
and I do matter very much so.
I don’t care who is jealous of me.
I am a leader,
I am disabled,
I am Autistic,
I am very intelligent,
I am incredibly creative,
I am able to converse with my own communication style,
and let my voice be heard and listened to
with my words that matter,
I work hard,
I am an entrepreneur,
I network with many people,
I am a part of Autistic culture,
i am changing your minds about disability culture,
My paradise has not happened, yet, but it will,
I am thou, I am me,
I am not you,
I am not the person you want me to be,
I am an Activist,
I am going to do and say whatever I think through and analyze,
I am Out and About,
I am a person,
I am a Human being,
I am not anything or anyone in between,
I am oppressed from too many people in society,
I am taking it to a positive,
To the Adventure to the Light of Myself,
and everyone will cheer me on,
everyone will listen to me,
and all of us will be the person we want to be
without no one taking charge of us,
without no one degrading us,
without no one belittling us,
without no one bullying us,
All of us will be an individual
All of us will be unique,
All of us has rights to be who we are,
All of us will speak for ourselves,
No one can take that voice away
which ever way we communicate,
so stop and think:
the next time you try to tell,
the next time you try to assume,
the next time you try to cross the boundary
of another person’s individuality,
it is a person’s right to self-direct,
directing their life,
it is a person’s right to speak for themselves
whatever they feel they want from their life
and everyone must listen,
and everyone must support our dreams to become a reality,
and everyone must guide the person
with whatever role they want to play in life,
as we become the person we want to be.
Be well and be enlightened by yourself.

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