A poem called “Yin and Yang”

Yin and Yang,

by theamazinJ

Autistic culture is hated,
which why many refer to us
as disorder,
Autistic culture is hated,
which many say we are diseased,
Autistic culture is hated,
as we are told to learn another culture
cause being different is not well liked,
Cultures exist for a reason,
disability culture exists too
as other cultures do.
Ethnocentrism exists too,
especially in a world where
disability is seen as a minority
while not very popular
and well hated and unfavorable,
Culture is:
centering around who the person is,
can be dogmatic.
Culture is unfounding,
culture is different for everyone,
some relate to the majority
while other relate to
a minority,
culture is beautiful
and needs to be understood.
Culture is a part of the
bigger picture from that
of humanity.
Culture is a symbol,
a symbol of piety
a symbol of difference
a symbol of simple unity
a symbol of love
a symbol of pride
a symbol of acceptance,
a symbol of power,
a symbol of community,
and a symbol of life,
to bring about broader unity.
What one culture is
another culture is not
even with Autistic culture
and those who are not,
culture is:
a fresh feeling of emotion,
a fresh feeling of starch,
a fresh feeling of personhood.
Culture is a part of who we are
to what we relate to
and what things we have in common.
Sharing one culture with another
is a part of humanity,
it is a part of thou,
it is a part of the broader scenario of life.
when one person shares
another falls through to take in,
it is our time,
it is our fate,
it is our destiny
to be with others
sharing cultures ever so often,
allowing cultures to have their own space,
no matter what yet having time
to be a unified human race,
and remembering:
we create the good,
we create the bad,
we create the situation,
it is our choice.
History has proven to be:
causing pain to other cultures.
It does not have to be this way,
it does not have to fly like that,
the change we need
is to embrace everyone,
is to use our communication styles,
is to use our movement styles,
is to use our language
in a way to embrace
in a way to interact
in a way to show the culture
we belong to
regardless of what we connect to,
to connect to more.
Separate yourself for unity
for the day to be vulnerable
to a day to accept
to be stronger
for a day to be knowledgable
and wise of the
yin and the yang.

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