A Poem called ‘When Light meets Dark

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When Light Meets Dark,
by theamazinJ

Crashing into each other
like a force of nature
like a force of oppression,
like a force of ableism,
like a force of racism,
like a force of sexism,
like a force of anti-semitism,
like a force of islamophobia,
like a general force of all forces
that attract or battle
with each other,
the forces glide over one another
and blend through or destroy
what was.
It is difficult to interpret,
it is hard to understand,
the forces of light and dark,
coming together to
build a sword
to fight a war.
I’d hate to say it,
I’d hate to remember
that the battle is endless.
Acceptance vs. Hatred,
Light vs. Dark,
Love vs. Evil,
Helping and supporting vs. eradicating,
Building a future vs. destroying what we can have after the present,
Time is of the essence,
We strive for our voices to be heard,
to go to battle with the voices that oppress,
so we can be:
and let the light meet the dark.
cause in the end,
darkness is just a shadow of the light,
that we need all along,
so don’t fear the forces
helping us shine the torch of humanity
without extreme viewpoints pointing
us in the wrong direction.

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