A Poem Called “The Difficult Life”

The Difficult Life,

by theamazinJ

A difficult life,
too many our fighting the results of:
too many people being impoverished,
too many not having a home of their own,
lacking funds everyday to have what is needed,
having very little or nothing to eat,
not having any water to drink,
not having enough sunlight,
being isolated, ostracized, and segregated from the world,
being enslaved or being paid sub-minimum wages,
being bullied to the eventual death,
fighting the addictions everyone gets
when trying to fight the difficult life
from the past or present,
not being accepted by the status quo,
fighting everyday for many lives
living the difficult life.
Living a difficult life can be also:
be exhausting,
fighting for what we believe in everyday
for the sake of a better ethical world,
fighting for civil rights for everyone,
fighting for every voice to be heard,
fighting for free appropriate public education for children no matter what
so that these children can grow up to be adults learning
and taking responsibility in college or whatever they choose later on
regardless of the impairments they may have,
fighting for everyone to obtain a high school diploma,
fighting for access to the same information, buildings, and opportunities,
fighting for reasonable accountable pay for jobs well done,
fighting for benefits to support our needs,
fighting for whatever relationships we desire,
fighting to protect privacy and trust,
fighting to not be afraid,
fighting for the right to choose with the support we can get
to make that decision on our own,
fighting not to be considered a martyr or an inspiration,
fighting to be a hero in our own hearts and self-esteem
without medals, without monuments, and without being an idol,
and just serving thou,
fighting for reasonable accommodations with whatever impairments we have,
fighting for equal protection under the law,
fighting for different cultures to exist simultaneously,
fighting for the protection of thou above the stars,
fighting our thoughts to be positive under the laws of attraction,
Life is difficult in the difficult life for everyone,
sometimes we need to organize together
as we listen to each other
for justice and equality for all,
because in the end,
we are all in this together
so that we don’t repeat history,
so we don’t look back,
and so we just move forward
to the plenty of justices served
and judgements being passed
of who done wrong and who done right,
preserving humanity,
preserving a world of peaceful communications,
and starting a trend of acceptance, trust, and love
rising up for a better life
than the difficult life of something we are fearing
we are about to enter into in 2017.

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