A Poem called “Stuck”


by theamazinJ

not letting it go
without leaving things behind,
it’s part of disability
it’s part of difference
it’s part of everyone,
it’s part of what I am working on
to finally let it all go
when one sentence, phrase, saying, or situation ends,
or even letting things go that I think need fixing,
and moving passed those things those everythings,
regardless of;
things that were said,
regardless of:
things that were phrased,
that were passed in our life,
regardless of;
things that were done,
regardless of;
situations that happened in the past,
regardless of;
anything that I think needing fixing,
but really do not,
every time one finishes into another beginning,
I dwell too much,
I hold on to too much,
I analyze too much,
I move forward worrying,
worrying about the future,
worrying about the present,
worrying about what to say and do,
thinking too much
when all I need to do is,
let it go,
move forward,
spring ahead through the coldest of nights,
using my mind to harness myself
to fly out to live my life,
bringing my journey
from not caring too much
to only caring about myself
and caring for the rest
when I get a reaction
that I have not worried,
that I only cared about myself
to my own successes
that I cared for the work
I do that helped change a world
from all the many other bigotries
toward disabled people,
toward the other intersectional minorities
some of us also have,
that everyone causes harm to so many people
that are their neighbors
when all we need is to let it go
and love everyone,
but, everyone leads in to not letting it go,
to not let themselves move forward,
from all the problems in society,
that need to be solved
to a greater understanding of humanity,
so that we can be a community
for once and for all,
to support each other,
accept one another,
and to let it go together.
Mostly letting are worries go,
letting things just flow,
letting people regardless of
the kinds of impairments
from mild to profound
to work hard at what makes them happy,
to motivate everyone to learn about
their relationships without
trying to fix anyone,
without trying to discourage, control, and tell someone
what they have to do because you believe
their impairments are not sufficient to living their life.
Because in the end,
it’s about everyone letting it go,
it’s about everyone living their life
with whatever impairments they may have,
it’s about everyone being encouraged to learn
to feel competent because you presumed competence,
to learn what they want and as much as life
has to offer them without anyone
putting limits on learning.
Because in the end,
it’s all about us,
it’s all about learning,
it’s all about remembering not to worry
it’s all about creating a visual image of life
that the individual hopes to gain
remembering it’s the individual
at the center of their life,
regardless of what you say or I say,
Because in the end,
everyone is stuck,
everyone is weeping,
everyone is pitying themselves, others, and the situations around them,
and everyone needs to stop that.
Everyone needs to think about themselves more
to live in a community where
we all support,
where we all support our limitless being,
where we all are never ending boundless love,
and everyone inspires each other
to the end,
where we see the light
where we see what we have done in our life
moving on to build the bridges
to build an interdependence with one another
that will one day see a gelatinized society
spanning the holes of impairments that will always be there
so that everyone can finally
just let everything go
without fixing anything that does not need fixing.
Or without fixing any one regardless of what impairments
you may think is not perfect,
because in the end,
it is not about perfection,
it’s about living.

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