A Poem called “Meltdown”


by theamazinj

It’s a thing,
It does not mean I need you in the way that you think,
It does not mean it is okay for you to touch me,
It does not mean I do not need you,
It just means I need you to listen to me now
in order to support me during meltdown.
Meltdown is a thing
and can occur at anytime without any warning,
it depends on how well you know yourself
not depending on others for constant need,
meltdown is a thing,
and it happens to every one every day
including Autistic people and others with disabilities,
the meltdown for people with disabilities
is much more different than those without disabilities,
we suffer greatly from the way society perceives us,
we suffer greatly because many others do not understand us
and try hard to support us in ways that do not help us,
meltdown happens and it is a thing,
there is a beginning, a middle, an end,
and a new beginning after the meltdown cycle,
meltdowns exist and they are real,
meltdowns exist and they can allow more growth,
meltdowns exist and they are not friendly at first,
but when its all done, has many rewards with consequences too.
Meltdowns, what more can I say?
Meltdowns exist and it happens to everyone,
meltdowns are different for the disability community
than it is for people without known disabilities in their life.
so, what can you do?
We can support disabled people in a different way
than what you may think,
Give us space, and accept boundaries especially during meltdowns,
give us things we need and let us just work it all out ourselves,
give us the ability to use our mind
to avoid giving too much support,
balance the way you think to help in the most way you can,
meltdowns exist and they are just what they are,
It does not mean a person can’t get up,
It just means they are down for the count
and will eventually get up to do there thing once again
like in a boxing match before the 10th count.
Meltdowns exist and they are important for everyone to grow,
Sometimes we get up right away,
and sometimes we get up just in the nick of time
before the 10th count,
so the important thing is to support, justify, and accept when things happen,
because when something bad happens, there is always something good
at the end of the tunnel, at sight of light in the distance,
and at the sounds of joy softly heard at the finish line
getting louder and louder as we get closer and closer,
we just need to survive and be the person we want to be
finding the support we want to have
with the people we love and the people we add to connect to,
and feeling the emotions we want to want,
to work it all out in our heads
to the congratulations at the end of our days
when we are old and gray.

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