A Poem Called “Letting Go”

Letting go,

by theamazinJ

Healing myself,
putting the past behind me,
helping myself,
no longer hurting,
not fearing the future,
allowing myself to love,
holding myself to feel my growth,
no longer arguing,
no longer disputing,
just moving forward
just letting go of the past
helping myself to be who I am
without yelling,
without raising my voice,
and just speaking in peace
speaking with justice,
contributing with my hands
figuring things out
how to work with others,
how to build bridges in the community
how to build cultures together
and how we can communicate.

Sometimes it raises questions
of concern,
Sometimes it raises disputes
from the past,
then it allows me to let go
and feel myself fly,
but, it allows me to draw
it allows me to write
it allows me to communicate
one and for one and one for all,
things happen,
and it does not matter what happened,
as long as we continue to move forward,
as long as we grow forward,
as long as we continue to learn,
and most importantly,
as long as we live.

It takes time,
to let go,
It takes time
to see the unknown
and not be afraid,
it takes time,
to work hard on
what we need to do
in order to be positive
working hard on creating change
as an activist,
as I build bridges,
and as I do not limit myself
to speaking with only a certain group,
a certain people,
and focusing on teaching,
and focusing on my culture
and building inclusive community
with cross cultures
including disability
while breaking stereotypes
from the inside, out,
it takes time,
it takes precious time,
but we need to try,
we need to work it out,
and we need to find hope,
and strength,
and work it all out in the end,
because in the end,
it is all up to us,
it is all up to
what we want to accomplish,
being positive or
being negative,
in order to deconstruct the world
from something negative,
we need to construct something bigger,
something newer and great,
and something we can all benefit from
to work to build
inclusive community
with universal design.
So, let’s all let go,
and help contribute
a universally designed
inclusive community.

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