A Poem called “Building Bridges”

Building Bridges,

by theamazinJ

I am cool,
I am a man,
I am a person,
I am open minded,
I help everyone regardless of impairments,
I have impairments too,
I am disabled,
I am able,
I have my strengths,
I have weaknesses,
I am human,
I am a person,
I am part of the largest minority group,
the disability community.
I am able,
I am disabled,
I am Jewish,
I am even a person of color,
Even when everyone is a person of color
with our many facets of our skin tone.
White or Black or other races
is just as much a false facade
just as much as disability is too,
because we all are human,
regardless of what tribes we fit in,
We strive for human rights,
we work toward our goals to
work for ourselves,
to work for our communities,
continue our destiny
regardless of our
skin colors and tones,
regardless of
what we believe,
regardless of
what kinds of impairments we have
and how profound they may be or actually are,
regardless of
who we love
or what are identity is,
or regardless of
how we love
and physically attain our
sexual desires with the consent we give,
because in the end,
we are all human,
we all love each other at times,
we all hate each other at times,
we all have anxiety to connect,
we all have anxiety generally,
sometimes severe or sometimes not,
we all need support from one another,
we all go through the same trials
every day of our lives
regardless of what
rewards or consequences we obtain,
we all continue the work what
we want to contribute to the world,
most importantly,
we all direct our own lives
to our own creative endeavors
the world benefits from
because in the end,
it is all about us,
it is all about you,
it is all about
the way we communicate and send our messages
to the world
that eventually become our legacy,
a spin on the world,
that becomes the reality we all want
to open the minds of everyone
to understand,
it is not about race,
it is not about religion,
it is not about our impairments
and what medicine says is a disability,
it is not about our genders,
it is not about our sexual desires,
It’s only about learning,
It’s only about using our minds
regardless of how we use it or think,
and regardless of how we cope with our environments
with our sensory systems and impairments,
because it’s all about being vulnerable
to our connections and to ourselves
and to our environments,
it’s all about being an individual
and it’s all about being mortal
in a world that only teaches us
to eventually move forward
to the utter existences
of thou and the experiences
of moving through the universe
never ever reaching one another
even when we all go as fast or faster
than the speed of light eventually moving on
in an aging universe in an ageless space
without an aging human body in an aging world
that is constantly learning
to open up to the imperfections
when we are in our aging bodies
I have, you have,
and how our societies are aging too
in a world that is constantly changing
even when we don’t understand the changes,
becoming afraid of the unknown circumstances
and being afraid of what happens every day
and being afraid of building connections
so we build walls instead,
but it does not have to be that way,
because finally, it’s the ending that gives us
a new beginning every step of the way,
from the life cycle we all endure.

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