A poem called “Accepting Weakness”

Accepting Weakness,

by theamazinJ

I am strong,
but I am weak.
I am stronger,
but I am weaker,
I am strongest,
but I am weakest.
I am weak
I am strong
I have the things I need
I am who I am.
I am vulnerable.
I am intelligent.
I can do
I cannot do
I have my ideals
I have my own beliefs
I have my growth
I have my pride
I have my disabilities
I have my weaknesses
I have my strengths
I am learning
I am striving
I am always innately doing well
I am sometimes feeling anxious
I am proud of who I am
I am proud of what I do
I have no regrets for anything
I accept everything I am and what I have done through the years
I have learned to take responsibility
and I am the person I want to be
I am an adult
I am disabled
I am learning every day
I accept my weaknesses as much as I accept my strengths
I am myself
I am a leader, and everyone knows it.
I teach others
I give back
I make my own choices
I do not allow any one to rent space in my head
I have my dignity
I am respectful
while others respect me.
That is me
and that is my wholeness
from thou to you to me,
I am thou
I am me
I am you,
but most importantly,
I am purely whole.

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