A Poem called “A Spring of Fall of Water”

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A Spring of Fall of Water,

by theamazinJ

I spread out,
cook my hands in the sun,
the water begins to fall
and I get wet with drowsy
lamey laney rainy tears
pouring onto my body
and into my eyes,
and through my ears,
while sipping as I open my mouth,
I drink the water,
I fill up with saturation,
my life is all juiced up,
I think of the spring,
yet falling through the water,
the water is gloriously amazing
with all its fruitful splendor
I swim through and through the falls,
as though it is Fall.
My mind was clustered,
my mind opens up
to the feelings I had,
filling up with anger and rage,
while sprucing it up with laughter and joy,
the water feels good
the water makes me feel what I want to feel
I begin the nature of my being
as what I need to work toward
what I need to succeed
want to ensure that
everyone knows what I am meant to do
what I am here to do
to march to a beat of a different drummer,
my own drumming without being near anyone else.
I love the sun shining through
as I walk through the falls
and into the blooming water
swimming into zoom,
then I begin my swishing and swashing in the water
as I see a dark mist in the distance of the water,
It is a shadow,
but not sure what it is,
though how could I fear a shadow
that could be my own,
or someone else’s,
shadows are just the beginning
of what we see in people,
and it is nothing more
than a silhouette of what we will see,
and my fearing this unknown
could be fearing my own figure
or that of another,
How could we fear anything so dark
when it could just be a mirroring
of what we will see.
Just because something is dark or dreary,
does not mean it is scary,
for the darkness is just a
way for the light to appear
as we get closer and closer to what we hold so dear,
I love my shadow,
I love the darkness,
I love what I will be
seeing, but
do not know what I will be doing
when I finally see the light.
Light can be fire,
Light can be a figure of living or not,
Light can be curious,
Light can be colorful,
most importantly,
light is my distinct
water falling from the spring
as the autumn leaves start falling,
seeing the colors
and cherishing them,
seeing the different living figures
walking and running and standing and sitting,
speaking or not,
communicating a unique way,
while diversity exists
because one day
soon we may only see black and white,
and how sad that would be
to just see things only
one or the other
when we are all meant to be
diverse in our different
ways that we are.

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