A Poem Called “A Blend of Humanity”

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A Blend of Humanity,

by theamazinJ

washing over our hands in hands,
we mix ourselves into one,
not knowing what is right,
or what is wrong,
and complying to the societal twin,
do we go left?
do we go right?
do we go up?
do we go down?
do we just blend in?
Mixing and passing is all in-between,
passing to be the person
we may not want to be.
does individuality surface for everyone?
does it take guts to be our own person?
Following others into a destiny of failings
is not really being true to
what we are or ought to be.
Flying high or dazing around
or standing in one place,
we filter what we are and
what we say to blend in to
the majority culture
we think we need to be.
No one is glorious
no one is unfitting
no one is hurt
everyone is puzzled
to fit in or not,
fitting in to a culture
depends on what we want,
and fitting into ourselves
is all that we got.
So, how do we fit into a piece
of culture that we live in
to structure our days
to organize our thoughts
make the difference
we want to make.
Some people shy away
while others
lie awake in to the party,
What is the medium we all have to be?
What is the break we all need to shy away from?
How do we moderate our emotions so we don’t fall a part?
into the wind,
gusts of glory,
filled with clouds and sun in the sky,
I hear you,
I hear you,
I hear you and
all I know is
you just gotta be me (you),
you just gotta be cool,
and you just gotta be schooled
to be the person
everyone can count on in society
that works hard to be original
to be creative
and to work hard
to the guts,
the glory,
and the rewards that reap.
you just gotta believe
forget about everyone else’s problems
forget everyone’s else’s motives,
and forget all the people
who don’t understand
and grasp,
so what needs to be done
to make a difference is
the way it’s set in our minds.
Because the only thing
that matters is:
How you do it,
what you do,
and the connections you make
in doing it,
so let’s be connected
and blend in to humanity
with individuality
we all want others to
receive us by.
Count on yourself,
count on the connections
you make throughout your life,
Anything can be done,
so now let’s all just:
Rock on to the other side
and make our marks
that rewards us
in society
all the way
until we reach the other side!

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