Happy New Year 2015, A Wondrous, Amazing, Unknown, Winning Adventure in our Hands!

2014 was a continuation of transition with many different accomplishments I made. I started to finally begin becoming my own person whether anyone realizes it and accepts that or not…

A vision revealed before birth,
a triumph to work on,
a way of becoming,
34 years later,
I began to become,
to do,
to act,
and to be
my own person.
I may be strange to most,
I may be weird to a lot,
I may want things the majority
does not understand and
want at the moment,
I am here to
change everything,
to bring justice to the world,
to make society understand,
to create a world
where everyone no matter who
or what
others will know what life is
and is supposed to be.
People may not understand,
people may think I’m crazy,
people may want me to shut up,
but I know what I am here for,
and I know what I need to do,
life will get easier
as long as the majority
understand the minority cultures
in the world which include
not only what you know already,
but disability cultures including
autistic culture too.
It’s 2015 now and
the time has come,
the time has approached us,
as we are almost in paradise,
or not even close.
We still have to remember
that we are here,
that we all matter,
and that being human means
to care,
to love,
to look at and be at a distance
where we see everything
about a person,
without being too close
without being too overprotective
and overbearing on others.
Many times the majority
only sees what they
want to see and
most of the time
see limited views
from being too close
to a person or place
or themselves.
That’s why people
need vision,
need sight,
need to listen,
need to speak every word
with passion.
each year we live,
we live it for a reason,
to reach our purpose,
to get closer to
finishing our mission,
to live is to die stronger,
happier, wiser, and
knowing we made the difference
we were meant to be doing.
Many times the majority
does not understand,
until it’s too late.
and reach out
to touch both
figuratively and
literally the many
awesome opportunities
the minority people
in the world,
have to build
a world the way it
ought to be,
the way it needs to be,
and the way others need
to see it.
We can learn from each other,
we can heal from each other,
we can love one another,
if only we respect
one another the
way we need to
It’s a long journey ahead,
it’s an adventure
toward paradise in the distance.
Sometimes the people closest to us,
are really too close with little vision
of us.
Sometimes it takes a step back
to see, to hear, to feel,
to touch, and to reach,
so people can know
they have seen everything,
they have touched the spirits,
so they have felt the pains,
the joys, and the sadnesses.
so they know they have felt
society needing to change.
so they know to reach out
and give a hand no matter what.
the majority can be cruel,
but they do not have to be.
We are here to live
with convictions we have to
fulfill missions of hope,
of love, and of becoming
the person who will
eventually go back
and say “I’ve done it
and I have won, and I have
contributed to change a world
from the negativities the world
had to a more positive well being
of humanity.”
There will always be battles,
there will always be some kind of war,
but we need to remember why we
are here, and how to get back
to the finish line
in maze of gigantic proportions.
Sometimes we don’t start
the maze out right,
but sometimes we eventually
get on target zooming away
without looking back.
For every obstacle
we experience,
only makes our soul
better from when we started…

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! 2015 will be AWESOME if we all realize what we can do to make it AWESOME 🙂


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