A poem called “The Leaning Tower”

A collage and poem about what helps me with accepting changes in my life and becoming the person I want to be!

Meditation (and exercise) helps me out the most every day maintaining my focus and my things I need to do for myself!




by theamazinJ

I am out of touch,
I am very serene,
I am very inert,
I am very golden,
I am a good person just like
others are,
I am a successful,
yet struggling to succeed
by the perfection and
paralysis from perfection,
doing too much sometimes,
but by focusing on
my priorities,
I can do it
and not building
up too much anxious
feelings that
leave me paralyzed,
yet moving slowly
in reverse.
By moving forward,
I realize
I am pure,
I am true,
I am cool,
I am calm,
but sometimes
it’s hard to
cool down, but
I get sensory overloaded
to the point
society makes me feel
hurt, pain, stress, yelling
and not being able to control
my environments.
I am sure I can
take charge and become
a scholar,
a painter,
a writer,
and saying ‘I’m Possible’,
as to being a continued
positive living force that
no one else will ever
see before again
as my own unique self.
I will rise,
I will rise farther than
I am now,
but I need to struggle,
and I need to get there
to lean down and forward,
like I am not really
like I am a
starry night,
waiting to shine,
like a am a goose
with the golden eggs
ready to hatch
and bring joy to the world
toward self-actualization,
toward love,
toward strength,
towards smiles,
and without fears,
as we all embrace
each other, loving
each other just
as I was taught,
just as I was taught
before being born,
just as my spirit
lives inside me
to make me human.
Love is game
love is style
love is not physical
always, but
sometimes we just
need a hug,
a high five,
and a flap,
or an applaud whether
or not, we
need acknowledgement,
and acceptance
and to accept
every one
in the world
for who they are too.
Life is beautiful
as my leaning tower
becomes the freedom tower
of hope, of constructing,
of my ultimate goal
belief and believing
and never ever
ever ever ever
ever ever ever
ever ever ever
in my life ever,
That’s all folks,
as I become the angel
I was destined to be in the kingdom
of heaven,
and embracing everyone
no matter who, what, where,
they come from,
because I love you,
and most importantly
I love me!


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