A poem called “I am Me!”

I am Me!

By theamazinJ

I am Jason
I am who I am
I may Stim
I may tick
I may obsess
I may intensely focus
I may struggle
I may not even seem like the status quo
I am an original thinker
I am delayed developmentally
But I am Able!

I am golden
I make mistakes
I correct my mistakes
I live With my consequences
I live with my rewards
I’m a human being
I am not a monster
I am not subhuman
I am not even ‘not human’
I have emotions
I have feelings
I am creative
I am smart
I am loving
I love people
I love to help people

I love art
I love music
This all relaxes me
And makes me the person I am
I read and understand
What I read to help people.
I study disabilities
I work part time at a Job
I travel too far to the reward
I want
It causes me stress,
But I want my reward.

I love my family
I love my friends
I love my supportive network
I have built for myself
From the amazing people
You are.
I am the person I wanted to be
With the job I love.
I am a writer
I am an artist
I listen to music
That relaxes me.
My life is good!

I may overreact if
I am not spoken to in the
Most concrete way,
I am still Jason, and I am
Everyone finds their amazing
No matter who, what,
Where, why, and how they find it.
It’s important to find your voice,
And be your own authentic voice no one else
Can take away from you,
From me,
Or anyone else.

I love my animal friends too.
They give me comfort,
I love all of nature,
They give strength
And in a lot of ways, comfort,
When I need to cry.

Crying helps me
Make me stronger,
Loving, and being a human being.
I have my life
I have my dignity
I have my own humanity
And I have my individual normality
No one else can take away.
I am accepted, and if
Someone does not want to accept
Me, it’s their problem,
Not mine.

My humanity is how I was created
From the creator as I was
In the womb of my mother.
She loves me, I love her
Because she brought
Me into this world starting
With my family, and
Branching out to everyone else
In the world.

Sometimes I get Hurt
From The world and
That’s ok.
It’s important to move forward
From the hurt and live
My life
Positively and encourage
Myself to live
With who I am and
What my being is and
Give what I can by knowing
My limitations and strengths.

My strengths are
Important to me.
Limitations are a reminder
How I am human.
Thank you for the
Times helping me, but
I have to do things
On my own sometimes
To maintain self determination
To live my life with what
Makes me happy and be the person
I want to be.
It’s okay to have a
Romantic partner to help
Guide me in life.

I just need to go through
The process of what
Romantic partner would be best in
My life. I am ready to figure this out
And realize I can’t just live on my own
Until I am in my 90’s and pass on to
The other side alone.
I need my love to share with
A partner because
Everyone else shares too.

Having a partner is ok,
And if we choose to have a partner
In romance it will help us like
It helps everyone else.
That’s the way love goes when
We are all human beings
Living in this world.

I have my emotions
And feelings to give too.
And, I can’t function without
Expressing them to someone
I want to share them with,
With another person
To connect, love, and be even more
Amazing with.
Yes, I may be not very sexual,
But I still do need this as anyone else
Does too.

We all have these feelings
And we all need to be positive
With those feelings.
I love you, I love the world,
I love nature, and we all need
To embrace each other for who we are.

Sometimes I feel I can’t be with a romantic partner because
I am not that into sex, I am not always able to share,
But I can compromise by being accommodating
And accommodating my future partner I will meet.
I persevere, I use my energy to survive, and
I will be like everyone else who wants to
Succeed in the things I want to do with my life
Including eventually getting my Masters
In Disability studies, and taking my life to
The course I need to do in order to
Be a contributing member of society
Working on my goals of changing false
Perceptions of humanity that has been
going on for all of history.
Being human is being different
And even though we are all human,
We are all different.
Humanity really is a diverse
Spectrum of the people you see and meet
Take care of yourself, take care of the support
Network we have in the human race, and take care
Of the world.

Thank you all!


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