a poem called “finding acceptance as an original thinker”

finding your voice,
finding your self,
finding how to be authentic,
finding autism,
being Autistic,
claiming d/Disability,
accepting autism,
acceping d/Disability,
accepting being my own Humanity,
being my own Humanity,
being my own thinking of who I am,
and not trying to please
or verify or confirm or
try to anxiously be other
people when others
don’t want me to
be them or confirm with them,
is hard when
others say they are so
brilliant in their
thinking, which
invalidates my own thinking
my own way of being, and
my own voice,
and humanity.
Yet, it shouldn’t,
it can’t,
why do I let it
when others never said
it that way,
maybe because
my thinking is very different than
and I have been too afraid to express
my models of thinking
when I am afraid it will be
rejected and seen as stupidity.
Yet, it’s not stupid,
and very far from stupidity.
and, no one ever said it was stupid.
It’s just a different way of
seeing and sensing the world.
the world is very diverse,
but most people have the
same model thinking pattern;
the medical model of disability.
Because it is the only proven
yet, it’s an not a good model,
very imperfect, very stigmatizing,
very problem based, and
very stereotyping.
The medical model of disability
either needs to be
eradicated or reformed,
but no one cares to do so.
Instead they embrace
this problem model even more and more.
Because its accepted.
When is the medical model going to go away?
Not sure.
It does not mean medicine should go away,
it just means the model of
how medicine thinks of disability
needs to go away.
And bioethicists need to trust
disability rights activists more,
and remember that
what they as bioethicists have said in
the past about medical model with
regards to disabilities,
seems warped to many,
but its just that
they are not educated enough
about disabilities like autism,
like any other disabilities in the world.
And, yet, the model I dread so much,
is celebrated and embraced by so many.
There needs some kind of
some kind of reaction
to get people to
know that what
really matters
what really is great
is knowing how
the social model of disability
makes life easier and helps
people live better.
The models should be condensed
and updated to show how
the social model respects
humanity, accepts people,
and eases anxieties of who we all are.
It is why we need to
embrace, celebrate, give thanks
to all thought processing models of thinking
to say:
Let’s do this one more time to get it right finally!
without medical model, but
with a better model that fits the picture of
humanity better.
The social model has it’s faults because
most people reject it or don’t think its right.
Well, Let us say:
Accept every thought we have and remember
that we cannot reject anything
that can be a positive contributing
factor our whole life.
yes, we go through emotions our
whole life, but
we we need to remember:
there is a need to know how much
we can take the emotions
how much we may need to celebrate who we are
as a means of
celebrating divergent thinking
being the person we are meant to be
knowing how to control anxieties
when we are very different from society,
we are human, we are different,
and we are one human race
to support and guide each other.
WE need to think about
how medical charity organizations
have always thought about disability
since its not quite right.
autism is really a different way of thinking,
but not a lesser way of thinking,
its a just a different way of
seeing, thinking, perceiving,
and being in this world.
we are all human and we are all different.
we can all see things differently, even
though the majority of the world
sees many things the same as
black and white like they always have.
This is where organizations like
Autism Speaks has always seen it
and they are wrong.
The black and white thinking
can be very hurtful from
the way mainstream culture
thinks this way as any other culture
can think black and white too
because that’s humanity too.
yet, everyone argues on
who is more black and white
and who is not.
The Human race can be very black and white,
just look at gender, religions, and government too.
yet, black and white thinking can be good
sometimes when a crime against humanity happens,
and even then, we are all human, and we all
learn to better ourselves
either on here or when its time to cross over.
We are here,
we are there,
we are everywhere.
We are human.
And, being Human means
being different,
and being different is okay.
The only similarity we all have is
that are a part of the Human (Diverse) race.
Let’s accept our own thought process and
accept others thought process as well.
I am starting to do this more and more…

Have a good weekend!


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