a poem about “Seeing our own true authentic self”

By Theamazinj

Sometimes we see,
Sometimes we see too close,
Sometimes we see too far,
Sometimes we hear only certain things
Sometimes we feel only what we want to feel
Sometimes we engage with only what we want to engage,
Sometimes we don’t want to feel even if it’s too painful from
Ableism, and from any other discriminations in our lives,
Sometimes we just want to see everything
Sometimes we just need a deep pressure hug for sensory,
Many times we just don’t want to be touched too abruptly and without warning,
Sometimes we just need sensory experiences to help organize our life,
Sometimes I want to paint,
Sometimes I want to write,
Sometimes I want to listen to music
Sometimes I write my own music,
I love to read and learn,
I love to just be myself even when sometimes I don’t feel I can be myself,
I love the world,
I love you,
I love me,
And we all will be
Ok as we find and protect our
Own unique authentic self.
Hug yourself and hug the person
sitting or standing next to you!
Be a hugger!

Out, J

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