Why Acceptance matters for all of Humanity!

Acceptance is
Acceptance is
exceptionally important,
Acceptance is
Acceptance is
full of life,
Accepting yourself
means you know
your voice,
Accepting others
other’s voices
matter too.

Not everyone
gets along,
Not everyone
is meant to
be together,
Not everyone has
the same mission,
but we all strive
for one main goal
which is love.

Loving those
who are dying both
and literally,
Loving those who
are feeling hurt,
Loving those
who we like,
and bringing those
we may disagree with
and hate
to the very aspect
of acceptance.

Humanity is
real choices
that matter to us
that affect
our dignity,
our completeness
of being human,
and about our
tenacity to do it now.

Humanity is
complete once we can accept,
once we all let go
of the unconscious judging
we do every day,
once we fill our hearts
with the power of one,
the power of strength,
and the power of what makes us
fulfill our ultimate goal,
before leaving a legacy
to which the world
can look up to while
we are guaranteed not to
die without letting go of it,
and share it with the
world hoping every one gains
the strength to change.

By change,
I mean changing
the perception
of what
being Human really means,
since disability,
and being courageous are
a part of Humanity in
all that we do!

You may be lonely,
you may be hurt,
you may be suffering
from society’s perception
of how any person sees you,
or you may be
the aggravator in life in
pushing others around;
No matter what,
we see you,
People see you
as you,
and you have a legacy
to fulfill,
and we all have
the differences
we need to feel,
we need to give,
and that we need to
mark in the world.

many people are
not guaranteed to
accept everyone,
but we can
only try
and do this.
Acceptance of Autistics,
Acceptance of many other disabilities,
Acceptance of different ways of living,
and Acceptance of pure inner emotions
everyone feels everyday
whether your sad,
or feeling out of place,
we are all here
to accept a person,
their feelings,
and their sense of

Acceptance is
a two way street,
most importantly,
acceptance is
being flown away
by the wind
of the hate,
the lack
of belief,
the darkness.

Humanity is lost
when we judge
a person
based on
based on
and based on
People aren’t
as much
as we expect,
but may be
we can try
to work it out,
moving forward
with acceptance!

(It’s the middle of Autism ACCEPTANCE Month and we need to try harder to build a person’s life, build a person’s character, and build a person’s communication to the world. It’s time for US to listen to what AUTISTIC people want and need, but most importantly what every one wants and needs!)

Let’s build on our inclusive community with ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING, and build on the PRECIOUS people we are around everyday!!


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