Presuming Competence in an Inclusive Society and Knowing Who We Are

Being in this world, we gain, we lose, we hurt, we pain, we forgive, we heal, we remember, we move forward!

Life is big! Life is a very grand, fearless adventure filled with much fear, anxiety, stress, and emotions keeping all of us feeling for situations, people around us, and others in our environment.

Having Awareness of who you are and the people around you is so important without having self-blame, pity, and not liking who we are.

Take a look at what I created here as the different things which identify all of us:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.45.05 PM

Now take a look at this sign I created which shows how we ALL can succeed in this world:

pathways to success

Being who we are is what gives us the experience of a lifetime to live our life filled with the emotions necessary to feel for everyone in this world in the way, we only know how to do it. Every one is different, but we all experience the same emotions. However, we all also want similar things in life too, one of those things is success. Being successful is different for everyone. Every person needs and wants different things. The most important thing we all want to feel is appreciation, respect, supportive network, independence, comfort from everyone around us, ultimately reaching for a goal to live in our special way finally being rewarded with material money to spend. (Thus, we live, from a post I wrote in 2011,  Interdependently!)

Nothing is impossible for something you want to do to make a difference, we just have to spend our time being are own individuals with our individuality remembering every one matters and everybody is possible!!

Remember what eugenics stands for and why it continuously hurts so many people, still, these days! Here is a good video to watch about that, Grading People!

Check out this latest blog post from Renee Salas for the PosAutive Flash Blog today by Love, Not Fear from Boycott Autism Speaks!



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