Inspiration is Always Lying Inside of Our Own Humanity

thinking outside the box

Everyone picks up on the term Inspiration as way that others’ inspire us or give us faith from an unknown source. Inspiration is not real, but spirituality and higher beings are. People need to interpret spirituality, god, and higher beings differently. Inspiration does not come from these sources, it just comes from our own Humanity in our own mind. I really do not like it when the mainstream media show videos and pictures of people who they think are an inspiration to us all. Inspiration comes within all of us and no body can get inspiration from others. It’s important to come to this realization. If you can live your life with all your emotions, expressing these emotions at any time, any person will become more real. It’s okay to express anger, it’s okay to express sadness, and it’s okay to express other emotions you feel to use your imagination to create a constructive piece of work.

People should be able to use the media to express their emotions they feel in a constructive manner like painting, writing, photography, or making a wonderful movie or play. Some of the most greatest productive inventions and creations were done when people felt emotions other than feeling happy. Just take a look at Charlie Chaplin or Vincent Van Gogh or Issac Newton! Happiness comes when these other emotions have been released in a constructive manner. For example, look at Leonardo Da’Vinci’s work, John Nash’s work on economics, Mozart, Beethoven, even more modern work done by famous Media actors, writers, and directors. Happiness does not come from feeling inspired to do something and being happy all the time. Happiness comes from thinking outside the box and using all our emotions in the most constructive manner that the world will be able to relate to and enjoy. It’s probably why Steve Jobs created an invention in the iPhone and iPad for the world to enjoy putting Apple on the map. When any one and any place is at their lowest feeling emotions is when we create our best works!

CREATE, INVENT, OR PERFORM!! Most Importantly, do your best work with the Ultimate satisfaction you will get in the end: HAPPINESS!!! It takes hard work to create a constructive piece of art, a great piece of writing, invent a extraordinary device for the world to enjoy, or even perform in a great movie, television show, or Broadway play!!! It even takes a lot of hard work to be the best meteorologist for the world or scientist. Whatever your passion is and whatever you desire the most, Think Outside the Box, and don’t be afraid to use your emotions to create a constructive piece of work!!! Happiness is not about having material money to spend, it comes from hard work doing these things. Then, suddenly, your rewards will reap and you get to enjoy it 🙂

Not everyone can do everything which is why we all have our unique traits!

Be Real, Be HUMBLE, Be Open, Work Hard!!!


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