Don’t be Resistant to Change, Autism Speaks!

The 5 ways Autism Speaks needs to realize their Resistance to Change and needing to find love for all Human beings:

1) Autism Speaks can’t think of everybody as Human beings because they only see what they want to see!!!
2) Autism Speaks has pronounced Autistic people as dead lives when we are very much ALIVE and Kicking!!!!
3) Autism Speaks hurts Families and Human lives!! (a pulse is a pulse is a pulse, Autism Speaks needs to let Autistic people live their lives with respect and dignity)
4) Autism Speaks won’t acknowledge that Autistic people can learn and be accomplished!!
5) Autism Speaks insists and assumes that Autistics can’t speak up for themselves, that Autism Speaks needs to speak for us!!!

BONUS) Autism Speaks thinks Autistics are incapable of doing meaningful work and helping other Autistics. They invade the media with their rhetoric. In return, the media reports negative feelings to the people they serve about how Autistic people are worthless and meaningless. However, there are so many Autistics including myself helping one another. Get Real, Autism Speaks and support Family services more and give Autistic people the right to be valued in this world!!!

Autism Speaks says Autistics are resistant to change, but they are the most resistant to change. Autism Speaks does not accept difference as a part of Human beings. Being different is a part of Human diversity, thus it’s the only way creativity flourishes throughout the world. To really know that change happens, everyone must realize that being different creates opportunities. Autistic people are different from the rest of the world, but it does not mean that we are not invaluable to the world. Autistics have more value than Autism Speaks and those people who support them even realize.

How can Autism Speaks open their eyes to Human Diversity?

Autism Speaks needs to allow every Autistic person to break their silence and listen to learn from every Autistic voice in the world in every society. They need to embark on their quest that Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and those who have also done so as well to reach out to many Autistic lives. Autism Speaks needed to be doing this all along, reaching out to see the potentials of all Autistic people everywhere in the world, but they aren’t and won’t. They need to spend their money on communication devices like the iPAD for Autistic people in all agencies, families, and schools. Instead, Autism Speaks spends their money on their salaries and research. They need to spend their money on Autistic people wanting to help and be the leaders. They need to also stop spending exorbitant amount of money on their charity events too. They need to work with Disabled people, not against us. They need to listen to Autistic voices more and listen to the computers talking for so many people who use them as well as those who don’t need it.

Autism Speaks has a big problem which is greed and not allowing Human diversity to multiply to bring about the change we need to see in this world; the love for everyone around the world.

When is Autism Speaks going to accept and love everyone?

From Bryan Adams’ song “All for Love”

Let’s make it all for one and all for love.
Let the one you hold be the one you want,
the one you need,
’cause when it’s all for one it’s one for all.
When there’s someone that should know
then just let your feelings show
and make it all for one and all for love.

Let’s love and accept each other; NOT pitying and fearing the unknown!!

Love this video:


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