Autistic Community for Equality (ACE) Facebook page is Up Now!!!

Autistic Community for Equality – ACE

Please Check Out this Facebook Page link above and Like for Equality to start the dream for a Better Humanity!!! It’s an initiative which starts here and can build with your help 🙂

ACE copy

We need an inclusive community within the whole community and make the difference that this world would love always! There is so much to love, there is so much to encourage, there is so much diversity of minds, and there is so much potential of creativity for artistic expression and inventions. Let’s begin the Choice of a lifetime, let’s begin the choice of working to build people instead of bringing people down. We have to start early before it gets harder which means within the schools, but we can still work hard for everyone else too. It’s time for this, the time is now for a community of acceptance, understanding, and respect for one another. Let’s support, let’s love, but do not hate. The time is now for you, I, and the world to come together as ONE!!!


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