A poem called ‘Space’

Space, (this poem is for the many Autistic people who don’t get their space and the things they want and need to survive as their own person. But, most importantly, this poem is for everyone in the world to understand space!)

by theamazinJ

Sometimes I cry,
sometimes I fall,
sometimes I crawl into hole,
and sometimes I just wanna cross over to the other side.
Though I know I need to stand up tall
and take the dream I have to fly,
to fly as high as I can,
standing tall on the highest mountain,
standing on the highest tree,
shouting from the tower on top
of a High mountain,
saying what I can do,
saying what I need to succeed,
and saying what I want from this world.

There needs to be battles won,
there needs to be love for people,
there needs to be food for everyone,
there needs to be acceptance for all differences,
and there needs to be a spread of a rainbow arc
surrounding the world which
guides our ever feelings,
our ever desires,
and our ever dreams
to one day feel the power of our spirit.
The power of spirit comes from the arc of the rainbow,
the power of the rainbow flourishes all over us.

I ease myself in the distance,
I ease myself in the near end,
and I ease myself through meditation.
I love who I am,
I love the people for who they are.
We set our own boundaries,
however we don’t always
accept our boundaries.
Everyone is in our faces all the time.
Acceptance is a two way street and
acceptance is a way of not only accepting
the person, but accepting the way
a person wants their space.

My space is dead.
I feel like people all over invades it
even when I have set my space all along.
My space needs to be enforced.
We need to enforce our space when needed,
otherwise we get attacked, we get crossed,
and we get torn a part both literally
and figuratively.
Any one needs their space,
since space is a guarantee that
we don’t get hurt.
It’s a part of humanity from the beginning,
and if we lose our space,
we lose our dignity,
we lose our destiny,
we lose our goals,
we lose our mission,
but most importantly,
we lose our self.

So, don’t take away your space,
don’t let others take away your space,
enforce your space the way you want to be
the way you need it to be,
the way you always knew how you wanted it to be,
since one day we will be definitely gone,
and we will cross over to the other side,
the other window, the other curtain,
the other side of the rainbow arc
where we will only know what we have seen,
what we have been through,
and what we are destined to experience.
The other side of the rainbow arc
is something unknown to all of us,
something that we don’t know,
something we want to experience,
but are afraid.

The rainbow in the distance reminds me
of the spirit that beholds me,
the mission written in the sky,
the stars that come out at night,
and the flying things that go
whirling in space.
Someday I will see it,
someday I will be it,
and someday I will know that
my mission was complete.
However, now I need to begin
my mission which is a struggle
to start. Which is a struggle
because there are some who don’t
understand what I have to do,
what I need to do, and
how I will do.

For now, I just start,
I just do everything I can,
everything that I am destined to do
for the greater good of humanity,
for the greater good of my spirit,
and for the great good of this world.
The world may not understand,
the world may not want to change,
the world may want to continue in it’s track,
but most effortlessly the world continues
to abuse their power, abuse their faith,
and abuse their humanity to selfishly
think they are the center of the universe
when in doubt the highest of spirits is
the center in our greatest of stars,
are greatest of space, and are
greatest of moments of time as
we all move forward to the time
of our life when we are able to
forget our past, move past the sorrows,
move forward toward the many stars in space,
and create a window in space filled with our legacy,
filled with the rest of humanity looking up at us
in the sky admiring the brightness, the colors, and
the pictures we created for people to see.
The levels of stars in the sky, only create
the heavens we wish to see. The only way to see the
heavens is if we cross over and see the beautiful landscapes,
the wondrous waters, and the amazing things we are let alone to see.
Otherwise we just see the blackness in the sky with specs of light
bursting around and fill our minds wondering what is out there.

As I end on this note,
please remember the space within,
the space between,
and the space outside,
because one day you may not know
what space you lost,
what space you didn’t enforce,
and you’ll never know the space you gained.
A hero lifts us up,
a hero draws us closer,
but a hero is always within
because a hero knows his space…
Accept any one’s space and enforce your own,
that’s all I have to say about that.

Happy Holidays everyone and hope this glorious and cold winter brings us to a wonderfully amazing summer approaching!!


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