15 things that Frustrate me when…

Sometimes I get so frustrated when…

1) when People think I can’t do something
2) when People take me for granted
3) when People assume my identity and don’t acknowledge how I represent myself
4) when People decide they want to Unfriend me on Facebook just because…without any reasons
5) when People who think they can trample all over me kicking dirt on my head like I am in a sewer
6) when Some people supposedly help Disabled people, but are just making it worse by using ableist language and behaviors
7) when People are dogmatic
8) when People spend their life imagining they are the center of the universe without recognizing others
9) when People want to pity me as an Autistic person or pity my Autistic peers or pity other Disabled people in the world
10) when People want to argue for the sake of arguing about nothing, hence unnecessary dramas!!
11) when People have called me a Token when I am an Activist!
12) when People are involved with Autism Speaks and those people really don’t know any better not to get involved with negative rhetoric!
13) when People just don’t get it, think they are right, and think that everyone is not equal, and treat certain people in society like they are worthless and meaningless
14) when People speak down at others and myself within the Disability community
15) when People just don’t think before they act

Bonus: People frustrate me when they try to barricade me and others in the Disability community from doing something we know we can do!

Have a great weekend always remembering to do what you love, ignore others who don’t care about you, and embrace those who do care. Nothing is Impossible, we just need to see We’re Possible (I’m Possible)!!!

These are things that frustrate me with some people I came across with throughout my life’s history.


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