The 15 things Many of you would want to know are my Favorite things!

The top 15 things many of would want to know are my Favorite things:

1) Love helping and healing people! Outreach is the word!! Be a Mentor and you will win!!!

2) Although, I am on the Autistic Spectrum, I am also very Spiritual too. Though, the two are very different.

3) Love Blogging!

4) Spending time being creative through Art and/or Writing!!

5) Learning new concepts and reading intellectual books!! Though I am a slow reader, and look at pictures first…

6) Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and spiritual novels…and watching “Psychic Kids” on TV!!

7) Someday becoming a social worker, or teacher…”teaching is the noblest of all professions” Alec Trebec

8) A Spectrum of many colors and shapes through a crystal or a diamond…

9) Listening to certain songs by myself on Spotify that motivate.

10) Living life with positive passion with blocking out complainers!

11) Meditation in the woods or outside by a tree after a beautiful hike!!!

12) Israel, because someday I would love to still have a house in the Negev Desert.

13) Looking through water and admiring the many different movements water makes comparing it to our thoughts.

14) Being a Peacemaker!!

15) Looking up different things I research to help improve my life.

Bonus) Reading a about the Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences and how we are affected by it.

Bonus 2) Echolalia!!

Autreat is coming soon next week, so have a great day!!


Always remember, “Freeing ourselves with Diversity, Shaping Humanity” Me

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