Summary and Something Learned from my Fiction Series, “An Important Lesson”

Before reading any further, please read the earlier versions of the story, An Important Lesson

Love is a world of wisdom. Love creeps on us. Love invents us. Love emotionally dictates us to feel something for others. Miranda knows the feelings about diversity. She knows why diversity matters, but she knows why so many others want people to be the same. However that is not what being Human really means. Being Human means showing all of our differences in the world and what differences we can do to fulfill our goal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Diversity matters and any one should have the right to be who they are so that a single person can positively influence the world. Isn’t that what the world is about anyway? In the story, Jake wanted to do so much to positively influence the world and his vision was slammed shut when he was killed. Jake was Autistic, but he had a vision. Jake felt for his peers, he had the strength to do more, he had the urge to change the world. However, there are so many people in the world that have this stubborn thinking of what is perceived to be Human.

We have differences like being Autistic, being Homosexual, being Heterosexual, being Asexual, being transgender, being different races, or having another disability because we live in a genuine world with an ultimate goal we should all believe in, to embrace Human diversity for whatever it’s worth. Religion is not included in this because people need to realize that ultimately, spirituality is a sign for all religions are based upon. You have a choice between choosing the religion that best fits your needs and don’t let any one tell you otherwise. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Atheism, or any other religion that is practiced in this world, you have every right to believe in that. However, you do have to realize to that spirituality is what’s in the universe and the universe gives us the reasons to believe in our life to, altogether, come together as one, when we venture after we move on.

The universe is challenged to explore what we want and what we need to survive. The challenges we face in society are explored by the many fractions of our existence as a people. Destiny, Fate, and reasons for things to happen are just what most of us choose to believe in. Positive energy is an important part of life, but so is negative energy. When Positives and negatives collide, you get something more genuine, something more extraordinary, something to remember when positive energy ultimately wins. Many people are angry that there is diversity, but we need to accept diversity for all that it is, no matter what! There are many people in the world that want assimilation and is fighting diversity. This is wrong, this is unfair, since we need to accept human existence as a diverse experience.

It is why in the story, “An Important Lesson”, Jake lost his life. However, many people in real life have lost their lives because diversity was rejected by others in society. It is also why many people become very lonely and unaccepted, breaking down to negative feelings and emotions like anger.

How can any one help the community more by accepting diversity? They can promote, coordinate, and talk to people who are different like with Autistic adults, teens, and children learning from us from what we want, to live our life. As for my Autistic peers and I, we want to help our Autistic peers who are struggling. We finally want to feel accepted. We want to feel like we don’t have to belong to Neurotypical society as well as we ultimately want to be a community of love, respect, and direct our goals toward our own successes in life. We want to be included when we want to be, but have our own space to do what we know we want that builds up positive feelings in the world.

Society is directed at ourselves. We make up society. The laws are created to help us live our life better. People disagree on laws because they don’t feel it speaks for them, but it really is there to protect us. Every one should get involved in making sure the human experience exists with the protection from laws in society that help us live our life each day without corruption. A lot of people in Neurotypical society don’t understand the Disabled and Autistic communities as much as they need to. We have every right to live however we want to, to live a positive life. It’s a fight that Civil Rights leaders fought in history for years before like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People can only change their thinking when society as a whole realizes why accepting diversity matters and realize the need to construct positive goal oriented people who are able to succeed in their life. By succeeding in life, we need everyone to learn sooner rather than later. Teach people the right things early, and they won’t falter or feel like failures. Instead they will learn and everyone won’t feel stuck.

The time is overdue, and now it’s time for rest of society to listen to what everyone says, not just a select few.


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