Spending time asserting our Human Rights is Most Important for Many who Struggle

I’m Alive! Aren’t you too? To live and be alive, we have accomplishments we all need for survival. Some of those things is making sure ableism subsides, and ensuring the need to make a difference to succeed. The problem with most parents of their Autistic or Disabled kids of any age is the need to insist their sons or daughters need to fit in to society differently than how their offspring perceive themselves. It’s okay to be Autistic like it’s ok to be anything else! Being anywhere on the Autistic spectrum does not mean we are not Human, it does not mean we do not have rights to live positively like everyone else, it does not mean we are differently abled, it just means we are Human too. By being Human, we continue to have the same rights as our Neurotypical counterparts. If we apply for a job we know we want and know we can do, without a doubt we should be able to have the chance to receive that job to earn a living. There are many problems with society today from all the Human rights violations in all of society’s history throughout the world I have noticed. Most people who are Neurotypical don’t see how Autistic people can live in this world striving for the same successes as them and most Autistic people learn from the rest of the world that they will be failures. This is unfair to a Human culture that can give so much to the world, in many ways a lot more than the rest of the world can. The world can be a cruel place to anyone who is different. However, the only thing Autistic people need to overcome is Neurotypicals who think we are unable to achieve our dreams. In the United States, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act which need to be continuously enforced to ensure justice is served and everyone is living how they see fit positively. Is it fair to treat an Autistic adult like a child because they are different from the rest of the world? For example, when an Autistic person is making strides with their interest where they are learning more and more about it to help societies positively live, isn’t it wrong to redirect that Autistic person to something they simply do not like? For any Human being to be happy, they have to be able to do positive good for the world. If they are prevented from doing that, they will be miserable. Of course, being social is important too, but doing important work for the world is important for anyone to be happy. Being social with others and having space to positively expand our interest is most important for happiness. For example, if an Autistic person wants to draw maps and design buildings for the world to enjoy, they should be able to do that. They should not be redirected in their speech or work in doing that, to do a career path someone else wants them to do. Everyone has a right to make their own decisions to be a positive force in society. By being a positive force in society, everyone will develop socially. Otherwise everyone will be miserable and be a rebel. No one likes rebels, so let’s stop creating them in the world. Let’s make peace and create positivity everywhere!

Hope your week has started out well!

Labor Day is next week…so it’s time for a long weekend.


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