Spend Each Day To Be Who You Are

Two days ago, I felt a bit distracted from the many things I want to do. It’s time for outreach and helping other Autistics feel comfortable, feel genuine, feel purely extraordinary like how Neurotypicals feel, and excited to live their lives. The life you live is the life you gain without not allowing nothing so purely complex put you in to a burden. The time is now…

Forget what people say
Forget what thoughts are in your mind
Forget the superstitions and just live
Furthermore, Just be who you are
and no matter what you will win.

Sometimes we have to just have to ‘shut up’ and ‘just do it’.

Spend each day this week forgetting the negative mantra of others and peeling away the masks that cover you from being ‘you’.

This is a shorter post than usual, but the time is now to look up to what’s flying above us to also fly with.

Have a Marvelous day!


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