Society’s Perception toward the Disability Community Needs to Change!

This is Society now:

Much of society is very Ableist and needs to get it right to understand; most people believe that disabled people are scarred for life needing to be pitied, waiting for them to overcome, and be an inspiration. This is the Medical model of Disability . By much of society being Ableist, they try to tell Disabled people what they think a Disabled person should do. For instance, most of society believes only non-Autistic people can help Autistic people.


This is where Society needs to be:

Learning more about the Social Model of Disability to teach people more about Self-Determination giving pride and self-esteem to any one, not judging people, and allowing others to be who they are contributing and being helpful in ways they know they can! Many people in society need to listen to everyone’s (including the people in the disability community’s) ideas, motivations, and ways to living in this world to make a better difference! A lot of people from the disability community including many Autistics want to give back and help too, to those struggling most.

Thank you!

Any Questions? Just look at me and some of my Autistic peers seeing what we are doing and wanting to do even more!

more to be read soon!



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