Settle Our Differences Toward Keeping the Diverse World We Want

If Autistic people fight within themselves, it makes Autistic culture weaker. It makes Autism Researchers win over who we are and we ultimately lose our credibility. That is why we need to settle down and become a peaceful warrior. Being at peace with what we can do and helping other Autistics out there only makes us stronger. However, there is too much anger, frustration, and sadness out there. I have had much anger in the past, and I realized it does not solve problems especially if people antagonize, bully, and hurt. If there is to be Autistic culture, then there needs to be not only inclusion, but also acceptance of Neurotypical culture as well. Acceptance is a two way street. Inclusion took a long time for women, minority races in the U.S.A., and even homosexuality,… In fact, we still don’t really have inclusion within these groups either. So, how can there be total inclusion among Autistics and Disability culture? There needs to be more being done so everyone in society is included as a diverse America, more so to expand this to the diverse world we ultimately live in. Human beings means diverse free thinking, sexuality, and race by feeling positive.

Arguments, fighting, various wars, and cursing each other solves nothing, but having more negative feelings around us. We are all guilty of starting these negative mantras because we all have feelings and everything affects our souls and the souls of our peers who stand right near us randomly. It makes some people obsess over these people because it bothers some people a lot, but there is no need to worry about any of this. Our feelings can’t go away easily, our human flesh distinguishes us from the many people who affect us everyday. However, we need to return to the innocence of why we came here to experience our life. What a diverse world means, and what our life stands for. Life is genuinely up and down, but we need to focus and by focusing we become seriously doubtful the feelings will urge us to project our anger, project our sadness, and project our guilty pleasures on others. It takes two to tango, but it takes one person to lift ourselves higher toward our goal.

It’s time to draw full acceptance from everyone and most importantly it’s time for Autistic culture to flourish with taking not only pride within ourselves, but pride in creating a peaceful conversation with our Neurotypical counterparts and Autistic peers. The time is now before it’s too late because ultimately Autism Researchers win over us otherwise!

Find the Light Year Man inside you, to Move Forward!

Have a Happy TGIF!!


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