New Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 2

Jake’s mother is sitting in the living room of the house when she is trying to realize what had happened to her son that day. Why the car exploded? Why Jake died?

Jake walked up to the car. He felt his heart pounding. He walked inside his car. Oh my god…

It’s almost as if Jake knew something was going to happen, but he could not put his finger on it. Jake trusted people too much. He didn’t think that there were people who could hate. Jake loved working to help people. He loved it dearly and continued to do whatever he could to be the best he could be. He was simply the best.

One night a few weeks ago, Jake fell silent at moment of emotional distress. He was working on a painting and suddenly stopped working. He fell silent. The moment he fell silent, he leapt up from his stool, waving his hands in the air and immediately walked over to the window staring at the rainy night.

Jake could not talk so he decided to write down his feelings.

That’s when his mother finds what he had written down as she walked in to his room and opened up his desk drawer.

She reads the note as it reads:

Falling out of time
I tweet down the line
I rise above
I observe the world
I continue my journey
toward acceptance
toward love
toward finding my voice
and continuing the journey.
I rise, I fall, I invent,
I create, I write, I draw,
I picture a world so
very different than
what I see now.
So much hate,
so much destruction,
so much evil,
but the evil I see
will someday fall.
Where there is darkness,
there is light. Where there
is light, there is Angels,
there is me, walking,
smelling the flowers,
and inventing a smile.
A smile filled with connection,
filled with joy,
filled with disconnect when
I see anger and pain.
My hope is 1 day
and 1 day only,
I see a smile on
every day faces walking by,
by every day people
just like you and I.
To sense a purely golden
vision of a new dream,
a new life,
and a new world filled
with Acceptance of self…

Jake’s mother read this note and started weeping with her eyes filled with so many tears. His mom could not stop crying until she sees a rainbow bright light floating around the room once again as Jake leaves another message. This time Jake points him mom in the direction out of the window to stare at a tree. The tree was pointing toward a path in the woods. The mother begins to walk outside down the path in the woods. The path is very wooden and very beautiful filled with snow everywhere. She eventually reaches the tree that gives her another a sign which sees as a figure in the distance. As she gets closer to the figure, she realizes it is a man who is starting a fire in the woods… She approaches the man to talk to him when she notices he has Jake’s favorite hat in his hands. The hat which Jake wore every day and loved so dearly because it reminded him of everything he wanted to do to help. It was very colorful with words written on the hat which read ‘We are loving creatures, so why not love’…

Jake’s mother walks up to the man who made a campfire in the woods to talk to him. As she gets closer and closer she realizes the man was homeless. He had a long beard with white hair. The man looked like he had nowhere to go, but to be with nature. He put on Jake’s hat as the mother approached his territory. Suddenly they begin talking.

Jake’s mom says to the man “Good morning, aren’t you cold?”
The man turns around responding to her “Yes, yes I am, but I found this hat which keeps me warm.”
The mother smiled.
The man smiles back as his mother walks away crying.

The man continues cooking his food he found while the mother walks back toward her home thinking about delivering Jake’s message…

(Part 2 ends as you await Part 3)


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