Neurotypical Documentary to be shown on PBS POV!

This post is to inform everyone that Neurotypical, the Movie documentary will be playing on PBS POV this Tuesday, July 30 at 10pm eastern time. As many of you may have seen, I reviewed this movie during the Summer Rooftop series in Brooklyn in 2011. Please read my review of this documentary here!

Please also read the Press Release from PBS, here, too!!

Don’t forget to watch an interview on PBS POV Tuesday, July 30, from 2:00 to 3:00pm eastern time, with the filmmakers Adam and Ron Larsen who will also be with one of the subjects from the film, Wolf Dunaway! I will post a link to the live stream on Tuesday!

Please watch the trailer either here or on the link to my review in 2011 on DMC!

Watch Neurotypical – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV.

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2 thoughts on “Neurotypical Documentary to be shown on PBS POV!

  1. Paula C. Durbin-Westby

    Because PBS has created a page, to go with the film, of alarmist statistics about autism, I have written another post, pointing out the errors in the statistics. Stuff like how much we cost society and that we are twice as likely to die (which is weird because everyone dies, and because the study in question measured deaths from epilepsy, not autism) and links to book sales that will “cure” gastrointestinal problems are NOT the “point of view” of Autistics.

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