Leading the way to Leading Our Own Life

Growing up in a different view, I have always seen things differently than everyone else. Some other people view life in a way to always be judgmental and following the leader. Following a leader is good at some point in a person’s life, but being a leader will help you more. Leading your own life is more important and being able to help give others their own direction of how they want to lead their own life.

Some people feel certain groups are easier to follow and make a life out of. Fortunately, being your own self gives you more self-worth than following a leader. A leader can help give you the direction you want to go, but being a leader is more important in solving your own problems at which case you can do anything for yourself. Sometimes the feelings we get about a person we admire become over-dramatized, overly obsessive, and over eager to think they can’t let you down. Everyone will let you down at some point in your life. No body can guarantee they won’t at some point for may be just 1 time. Don’t let the sun go down, just forgive, forget about it, and give yourself something more by leading your own way.

Activism is an important part of my life and important part of so many others life as well. I know I will do what’s right for the people and animals everywhere. I have made many strides in my life already. It’s important to do what you need to do to allow yourself to be a leader of your own life. Leading your own life will allow yourself to discover the unique creative side of what you can do.

Some people are afraid of being their own leader. Fear is an emotion we all experience and learn to deal with. Sometimes we experience it positively, but sometimes we feel angry and hurt by fear. The fear we feel continuously distracts us from society’s misinterpretations. Sometimes we feel society looks at a particular person or animal calling them ‘Monsters’. Calling some people monsters is an illusionary tactic toward scaring other people. This is not right, and certainly not fair and does not allow a person to lead their own life positively!

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is part of the problem, we the people, have difficulties dealing with. People who support the NRA need to be educated. The media needs to finally step up to the plate and warn society about the negative words used in calling certain groups of people ‘Monsters’. It’s time to fight for our rights and help anyone who was called these words in the past to stop internalizing those nasty words others called them. Calling people monsters or other negative words about the Disability community, solves nothing, but creating fear. Many people are very suggestive and once you use the negative words like ‘Monster’ or ‘Freak’ or ‘Ill’, most people unconsciously internalize the words in their subconscious becoming very angry from the dehumanizing words. All Human beings are important to society while all Human beings have a purpose too, to lead their own life!!!

The purpose of our lives is to lead our own life in a positive way. The way we want it to be lead, not the way other people want it to be. If you lead your own life and be giving to society, the rewards will reap for you in the future. That my readers, is the essence of who we are.


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One thought on “Leading the way to Leading Our Own Life

  1. Anna

    Agreed! Calling people Monsters is not helping to solve the problem — in fact it is highlighting one of the problems that is causing mass murders — that we do not know how to see people — to ask someone if something is wrong, to try to help, or just listen. Instead, if someone is different than us, we label, we call names, we make fun of … and wonder why there are people with so much rage.

    Yes, we should limit access to guns — and we should do a better job of helping people to find treatment for mental illness. But, the first step is to be kinder to each other — to feel connected to others — because our lives do depend on it.

    Thanks for keeping up this thread… it is important!

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