I am no Token Autistic, I have a Voice and I will Use it!!!

People think they can just use me for what it’s worth. I just want to inform everyone that I am no Token Autistic and I am a person with a voice who wants to succeed. There are many people who follow orders from so many others just agreeing with people even though they may disagree totally. Well, just remember this, you have a voice too and you do not always have to agree either. Agreeing on issues only makes someone more passive. It’s not good to be passive, it’s good to let your voice be heard where no body is left behind complaining that there voice is not being heard. Not everyone will like something, and not everyone will agree, but being a Token is something none of us agree on being unless the person is that easy going, push over. Tokenism is hard to deal with especially when people only want to let certain people in a group if they are willing to agree all the time. It could be any group especially a group of people who hang out during the week. If someone brings up an idea, then that person’s idea should be considered and not brushed aside. It’s so important for ideas as a consensus to be presented because everyone can have their own ideas presented to any group. No one likes a tyrant and being an individual that we all are, we need to be able to express our own feelings to a group of peers or a group of authorities. The first step in not being a Token is using Self-Advocacy when it’s necessary to be used. The second step is to make sure no one will take away that voice we have. A leader is not a tyrant, but someone who starts the ball rolling.

Being a part of a group of people whether with peers or authorities means that no matter what, voices are heard always. People need to be flexible, but when only 1 or a few people are being flexible, there needs to be more flexibility. Everyone needs to be flexible and adaptive to the situation. When anyone is a tyrant, no other voices are heard and the group of peers or authorities falls a part. Many people feel that things need to happen a certain way, the only way it needs to happen is by ensuring every voice is heard. No body is guaranteed to always be ‘right’ and no body is guaranteed to always be ‘wrong’. We just have to make sure voices are heard always. I believe that is what Autistics everywhere are trying to convey to organizations like Autism Speaks. We are people with a voice too and we need to be able to access those voices whenever we want to. No body will take that voice away from me or any of my Autistic peers. No body likes personal dramas or judgements being made. We have our right to be who we are with the voice we have and the statements we have to make civilly. We all have a right to be Successful!!!

Once we grab the bull the horns, we ride the bull through the grassy dirty knolls only to find that we don’t ever fall off. It’s time to use our own voices and learn to fly all on our own.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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