Helping Thyself Be the Leader we want to be!

I help others before helping myself most of the time, I take on too much of too many people’s negative persona, and it’s time to worry about my image I present to the world. Whoever I talk to and wherever I am, I tend to tack on other people’s negative personality types to who I am because I am always trying to help others instead of helping myself. It’s time to take a stand and clear myself from those things. It’s time to help myself first before I help others!

We all need to grow throughout our life time by making mistakes and continuing to be amazing by using the criticism we get to adapt to the world. However, giving more praise over constructive criticism does not allow a person to grow. Part of Human nature is growing and moving forward by helping ourselves first. It took courage to take a stand and work on a new career goal because the past career in medicine I did not fit in.

Everyone lives their lives the way they want to live it. Independence is subjective. Being independent does not necessarily mean living life without any supports and by yourself, it just means living life making decisions on our own. Yesterday I was telling someone what being a leader means to me, being a leader means not leading people so to speak, but leading your own life without following what another person is doing. Personal leadership is feeling the positive feelings we want to feel. Feeling the generosity, feeling the livelihood of what we do, and feeling like we are a leader is the most important part of who we are. Leaders rise and fall depending on the day, but as long as a person knows they can raise themselves back up their dignity remains. Any one can lead their own life as long as they are self-determined to ‘just do it’ and be positive.

As a person who is Autistic and as anyone else who is Autistic, we live to freely express who we are, however a lot of people who are on the Autistic spectrum with more multi-sensory issues and are non-verbal as well tend to not have the freedoms as others to freely express themselves. It’s so important for people to express themselves even with Assistive Technologies to help them speak. Just because someone seems to not be talking does not mean they have nothing to say. Ask them and they will speak! Don’t take advantage of someone because they are Autistic, thinking they are not like everyone else. If an Autistic person wants something like any one else has, they have every right to have it. However, everyone no matter who they are or where they come from, needs to remember to keep it positive!

Take a stand today by allowing those who are not speaking, speak by whatever means they can do it! Black and White thinking is not a good to think, instead we must open our minds to see everything always.

Have a Wonderful day!


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