Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 3

(First, I know I have not be posting as much as I should. Second, I’d like everyone to be aware of the ways in which we need to fight Ableism! So, in a nutshell, Here is the continuing of the next fiction series!)

The voices of Autistic people should be heard and listened to because Autistic people are human beings too with amazing voices like any one else in society. Jake was 1 Autistic person with incredible vision for Autistic culture. He created messages everywhere. He even wanted so much for other Autistics to be able to live their life without ableism getting in the way. He wanted to make sure no matter what Autistics everywhere were given a chance to contribute with their talents in a positive productive way. How could society think any less of Autistics?

Society is generally very abusive toward not only Autistics, but to any one with disabilities. They generally think Disabled people are not able to be productive. Jake knew something about life that most people knew nothing about especially his Neurotypical counterparts. However his Autistic peers knew everything about it.

As his mother is walking through the woods to deliver her son’s message, she comes across another message from Jake. There is a full arrow engraved in stone pointing her in the direction of a home to the left of where she is standing. The home looked pretty deserted. It was a big home with white pillars and huge landscape.

Jake’s mother walks up to the home when suddenly the door creaks open very slowly. She peaks her head inside the home first cautiously waiting to walk inside the home. It seemed so old that people haven’t lived there for nearly 200 years. It was dark inside with no lighting except for candles. The mother walks up to a portrait of a painting with writing written underneath it which read:

It’s time to really listen about Human culture

Suddenly the painting opens like a door and the mother sees a staircase going down. The candles also suddenly burst into flames on their mantels going down the stairs. The mother begins walking down the stairs holding Jake’s message.

As she approaches the end of the staircase, there are many people standing or sitting around the huge corridor of a beautiful space. Many people were flapping the hands, rocking, bouncing, or doing other things in such a way that the mother knew who these people are. Just as the mother stepped foot into the corridor, the ceiling began moving away from each other and the people inside began getting louder with their voices being raised yelling ‘It’s time to really listen about Human culture, we are diverse, we are unique, we are productive contributing members of society’.

The mother was in awe just listening when suddenly she realized she was in a open space and no longer enclosed in a huge corridor. People were just moving around walking from place to place without any difference that it was enclosed. The mother began getting confused since she thought she was in the deserted woods.

People were everywhere moving around and people are accepted for who they are. You could not tell walking down any street that it was the same world she always knew. Every one is just going about there business whether Autistic or not, just getting done what needs to be done during a day. The mother who thinks she may be dreaming, pinches herself, but realizes she may be dreaming when suddenly her son, Jake approaches her…

Jake said only a few words, “This is life!” The mother began crying knowing he was right.

Suddenly, the mother wakes up from her dream after falling asleep under a rock. She continues her journey when she reaches a house which is her final destination. She knocks on the door. When the door opens…

(To be continued…)


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